Monday, March 3, 2014

Snow Day Haikus

Spring waits wearily.
Her time held off by more snow.
Winter laughs again.

Trapped inside four walls.
I seek relief in my thoughts.
But they bore me too.

Thoughts of him invade.
Exciting. Inspiring. 
I feel alive. Rush.

But he is a dream.
An illusion made of flakes.
The cold awakes me.

This winter must end.
It's been too full of sadness.
I long for lilacs.

Will butterflies come?
Only the patient Spring knows.
If it's meant to be.

April showers clear.
In the new season there's hope.
Gratefulness always.

For if Spring arrives,
Without lilacs, butterflies,
There is still new life.

In Spring I will grow.
New blossoms will be my coat.
A better me comes.

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