Friday, March 28, 2014


Keeps me awake. Angry thoughts.
Try to push them out.

Must find a way to shine through. 
So sleep can find me. 


  1. Ok, so let me first apologize for being so brief with you about your comment on my blog. Honestly, I've been run ragged as of November of last year when my husband was in ICU for 22 days and nearly died. All of the subsequent doctor visits and job juggling really left me with nearly zero time for writing or blog visiting. It was on a whim that I visited my blog on Valentine's Day and pulled something from the achieves to post. I'm not sure where my muse went but she/he seems to be back, at least for now. Usually my muse returns when my emotions are in an upheaval. I am really glad to see you're doing well. Seems as if you've had some interesting changes in your life. I can't guarantee I will be able to log onto blogger a lot, but when I can I'll stop by to say hello if you'll still allow me over for a visit. Hope you had a great day. Wendy

  2. And I can relate to being sleep deprived. If it isn't waking up at odd times during the night-if I can get to sleep to begin with-I have been having the most strange dreams. I've been taking Melatonin 5mg for awhile now and it seems to help. You could ask your pharmacist about it. Also can relate to negative, angry thoughts. I tend to hold onto my emotions rather than confront them. Maybe that's why all the odd-ball dreams? If you decide to try the Melatonin, let me know how it works for you.

    1. Hello My Old Friend. It's been way too long.
      I am so sorry to hear about your husband. How is he now? And just as important, how are you?
      As you can see since my return to blogging, my life has changed drastically. Know that I am truly happy and my life is moving forward with positivity.
      And I hope the same for you, Wendy.
      Please get back to me when you have some time. Off blogger if you want some privacy: Hope to hear from you soon.

  3. He has doctor appointments and physical therapy nearly everyday. His primary care doc was going to let him go back to work April 1, but because there's a possibility my husband has a pinched nerve in his back, the doc changed his mind until an MRI is performed. So...we wait. Other than that, Robert is alright.
    So, about you. Am I understanding you've moved and are now a decorator? That sounds great. And challenging. If anyone can hit it head on it's you, Bonnie.

  4. I will be thinking of you both, sending positive thoughts for a speedy and complete recovery. And I hope you are taking what time you need for yourself my friend. Without you, it all comes down.
    I haven't moved but I have moved on. My husband and I separated in November and since then, I've been getting the life I was meant to have back in track.
    Every new day is a new start to make something positive happen in your life and in the lives of those around you. I believe that Wendy!
    Happiness and health go hand in hand. Stay positive! You are stronger than you know! ❤️

  5. WoW! November was a big month for both of us. I don't what is in store for my husband and I. We continue to have our ups and downs. I'm sorry to hear about your separation. But you seem upbeat and that's all that counts. It's good to know your loving your life :)

  6. Most difficult decision I ever made because it didn't just effect me but my husband and daughter as well. I contemplated staying until she went to college but what kind of example would that be... of marriage or womanhood. In the end it was the best decision for all of us and we are all doing well.

    Once you are through your husband's health issues, you can address your feelings about your relationship. Perhaps you already have but now is not the time to act. Know that I support you in any decision that ultimately brings you closer to your true happiness. Life is meant to be lived and lived joyously at that.

    Be happy, my friend. And if not now, trust that it's coming to you. <3

  7. Really I want to believe that, Bonnie. I have had this empty feeling well before my husband ever entered the hospital. Resentment, and the feeling I've been cheated in life somehow. I keep on keeping on but....One day at a time for now :)

  8. I've had a feeling during our past conversations that you were unhappy in your marriage. We were kindred spirits in that my friend. It took me five years to find the strength to ultimately let go and move on.

    So much, too much, is tied to the idea of forever. Yes, it would be wonderful but if it doesn't turn out as we planned or hoped shouldn't we have a chance to start over. Must we live with our mistake for the rest of our lives. I say "no"!

    Two years ago I wrote about reconnecting with an old friend. You wrote comments on that post that felt very much from the heart with a hope that you might find that kind of relationship too. Believe that it exists for you Wendy, because it does.

    Today, through many trials of our own, that friend is the true love of my life. Our relationship is stronger for what we've gone through together and what I've gone through in my marriage. It is only through mistakes that we learn, only trials that we grow. He is my muse, my soulmate, my best friend. And even though the road ahead will no doubt have its own issues, I trust that we can survive them. I've never known a bond like that.

    And while life seems grey and hazy right now, know, believe that big things are in store for you. Things that will change your world and make you smile like the sun rose just for you.

    Believe me, I know how utterly ridiculous I sound. I too lived that grey and hazy life. But no more!

    Sending you strength and positivity Wendy! 💖

  9. Thanks Bonnie :) I'll try to keep that in mind. Only hoping it doesn't take another 5 years. 23 have gone by already...Trying to see positives :)

    1. Wendy, follow me on Instagram @blbtomlinson. I post things that may help at least put things on a happy path.

      Our world is full of energy and the law of attraction is strong. Positivity out brings positivity back. I promise.