Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Everyday when I wake up,

I push passed the aches and pains of my aging and overworked body,

I face a list of errands and chores and schedules and responsibilities,

I renew my determination to have patience and love in raising my daughter while also knowing I will fall short,

I breathe deeply through my fears and insecurities to appear competent in a career I've not yet mastered,

I force myself to continue on paths of healthy eating and exercise even when I'd rather not,

I tell myself to have hope that happiness and inner peace are within my grasp even when I'm tired and sad and at the end of my rope.

And I do it all, everyday, against the odds and against my natural inclinations, all the while being kind and outgoing and positive to those around me. 

All that, and I still make time for "you".

I don't truly have time to spare but I find time, willingly, because I want to be part of your life. Unfortunately, it is a very one sided arrangement.

Therefore, I've decided it is best for me to free up that time I've spent on you and use it for the one person for whom I rarely have time.


I think she will be far more appreciative. 

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