Saturday, March 24, 2012

Update To The Rant

I owe you an apology.

I burst onto this blog before taking even a moment to try to compose myself. I rambled and ranted and lost my breath and raised my blood pressure in the process.

I'm new at this whole NB (New Bonnie) thing. She doesn't lose her cool. She takes control.

And that's just what I did... afterwards.

  • Now, my house is in order. It is also 'mini' decorated for Easter which means just a select few key items accessorize the house.
  • The bills are scheduled for payment, as are ecards with notes explaining that gifts will be forthcoming from our vacation spot.
  • Taxes have been filed (I hated owing money right before a trip, but what can you do).
  • And I have put off until tomorrow, the task of collecting all necessary items to pack, though I did set aside the Easter decorations and baskets and plastic eggs for the hunt.
  • The schedule has been reorganized to include working out everyday, in addition to all my daughter's after school activities as well as in school events. True I won't be able to get to the gym past Tuesday, but I WILL work out at home. I even managed to find time to schedule an oil change for the car we are taking. Sadly, I had to cancel three coffee dates with friends (that I really could have benefitted from) but I will make it up to them when we get back.
So see, in the end, I didn't really need to fly off the handle.

No, I did. I had to in order to get clear. Probably not the best approach, but sometimes in a pinch, you have to go with what works in the moment.

Thanks for listening.

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