Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hidden Treasure

My husband decided today to clean out his home office. And not surprisingly, it is taking hours.

In his digging through decades of debris, he came across a document that he and I wrote on our honeymoon (November 1995). It was a contract of sorts, an early bucket list, a list of all the things we each wanted to accomplish in our life with the support of the other.

What is so fascinating about it, is that it resembles nearly completely, my recent bucket list. Which either suggests, I haven't accomplished anything in 18 years OR, more importantly, I know who I am, and apparently, have for some time.

I'm a bit surprised by this realization. It's one thing to know who you are at middle age, it's another to know in your 20s. But I didn't know it then.

Here is my list at age 28. Feel free to compare it to my recent bucket list. You might be surprised with the findings too.
  • be with you and love you forever (forgive the sappiness; it was our honeymoon after all)
  • raise children who are intelligent, open-minded, and compassionate (I think I may just have)
  • raise children who are never deprived of anything but know the value of money (check)
  • raise children with a strong sense of family as well as individuality (check)
  • become a master chef (well, there's still time)
  • rediscover my talent for the piano (eh, this one may have passed for me)
  • cultivate my talent for musical theatre (still to come)
  • cultivate my new found talents for party planning (I do throw a mean kids birthday party)
  • own a house on Nantucket (if I ever win the lottery, it is #1)
  • travel to the pyramids of Egypt (still on the list)
  • take a tour of European castles; sleep in the ones that are haunted (still on the list)
  • travel to the Philippines to learn more about my background (still on the list)
  • learn to sew (still on the list; this is getting scary)
  • learn to refinish antique furniture (maybe)
  • learn how to appraise fine antique furniture, silver, and china (eh, not that important)
  • maintain strong and long-lasting relationships with the friends I have now (for the most part, a definite yes, plus I have been lucky enough to find new friends along the way)
  • live simply, yet elegantly (everyday)
  • entertain often (as often as the calendar and my energy level will allow)
  • do charity work (check)
  • give generously to charity (as much as I can)
  • teach my children to do the same (check)
  • join a women's garden club (that one was very 'just married, junior league' of me; I don't need that one anymore)
  • tell you everyday that you are loved (aww)
  • make you feel everyday that you are loved (aww again)
  • grow old with you (well, we are certainly on our way ;-) )
It still strikes me as a bit odd that so many of the things on my list are the same. Yes, one could certainly read into it that I've had nearly two decades to take some of the things off the list, but I was working on the ones that already have checks.

Feeling good about this. It makes me feel that my recent list is completely attainable.

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  1. You are one busy woman, Bonnie. I've been catching up on your blogs. So hope your vacation is relaxing. Does your husband or daughter help you with the decorating and all the other things on the Easter to-do list? If your husband isn't interested, not too many men are(lol)I bet your daughter could help out. Or another relative? Could be fun to co-decorate.
    As far as laundry and dishes, my husband will do both if I can't get to one or the other. My older son will at times do laundry for us all, too. Not that often, though; he IS a teenager after all, lol.
    Your bucket lists are really identical. I've never made a bucket list. I live day by day. Guess I'm not a large-scale planner. I hope you get to do more on your bucket list, though. It's nice to hear about people getting to experience their dreams.
    Keep up the good work on your exercise program. With your determination, it's gonna be a breeze for you, Bonnie :)
    Sorry it took so long for me to catch up. With the weather being so great, I've been outdoors more than on the computer. I'll check in again soon.
    Hope your world is filled with happy til then :)