Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bucket List

Today is my 45th birthday. No, please, no fanfare. I just want to quietly mark this day with peace and gratitude and move on to the second half of my life.

"Second half of my life." It was not my intention to make that sound so morbid. But it is true, so let's just face facts, shall we.

As promised, I have comprised my bucket list. It is my hope that if I start now, I'll have plenty of time to reminisce about all that I did after I've done it... and bore people to tears recounting the tale.

In no particular order but this is the way it came to mind:
  • write a book
  • be successful enough to write a second
  • take an extended UK castle tour; if they're haunted all the better
  • travel to the pyramids of Egypt; make a discovery
  • travel to Iceland; soak in a geothermal pool
  • live on Nantucket for at least a month; write my memoirs
  • own a vacation home near water; read
  • learn to sew; design and make my own clothes
  • learn to ski; ski in Switzerland
  • relearn how to play mah jongg; play with my aunts in the Philippines
  • own a small retail business; be closed Tuesdays
  • make considerable donations to charities and causes I feel strongly about; have the family name on at least one brass plaque in one professional arts center
  • do more than my part to clean the ocean; never stop
  • retire to a doorman building in a major city; if the doorman's name is Johnnie all the better; he should call me Mrs. T
  • make sure my husband keeps his dream of owning a sailboat and sailing all of the Atlantic
  • make sure my daughter has every possible tool for her success in all aspects of her life
  • love my life with no regrets
There you have it. My bucket list (alterations as needed). I'm happy with it. And it's something I can start doing right now. From now on, just call me Mrs. T. Just kidding ;-)

Happy Birthday To Me!


  1. Happy Birthday! I had always wanted to learn how to sew too. I ended up taking a short 6 week class that taught me the basics. I can now make pillows or curtains ;). Clothing is next!

  2. Hi Annette, Thanks for writing.
    I too learned to sew; in home ec in 8th grade. Many years later, all I remember is how to do is thread the machine ;-) I think it's safe to say I need to start at the beginning and pretend it's my first time ;-)
    Please get back to me when you make your first clothing item. I'd love to see it! - B

  3. Hope your birthdy was wonderful, Bonnie. Sorry I missed the actual day.
    That would be wonderful to explore haunted castles. I love paranormal things.
    My grandma was an expert at sewing. She could go into town and look inside the windows of clothing stores and then go back home and create her own patterns and sew her own clothes. She could crochet very well, too.
    Sadly, I didn't get any part of her sewing DNA. The only thing I can do well with thread is cross stitch.
    That's quite a bucket list, Bonnie. I hope you get to do everything on your list.
    Hope you're day is wonderful :)

  4. It was wonderful, Wendy. Thank you.
    You and I are in the same boat with grandmother's. Mine was a dressmaker to boot. I got nothin' ;-)
    Thanks for the birthday wishes. <3