Sunday, January 15, 2012

What A Week

Why must I always forget that I live at the corner of good & bad?

Just last week, I sat at this desk and wrote that there was nothing to write. All was well. What an idiot.

Monday, I went to the vet's office, sans dog, to ask what the procedures are for helping my furry girl onto the next phase. At 13 years old, she's well past her prime for a big dog. Her legs are stiff, she messes in the house, she's gone deaf, and there are days like the ones that lead up to Monday, where she just lays there, not eating, not barking, not even picking up her head, that tell me, it's time. Of course, as usual, she was back to her princess puppy status by Wednesday, so it was more an informational meeting with the vet than an actual appointment but I was nonetheless emotional.

Tuesday, I had a situation at the school where I work with a 3rd grade boy who pushed me so far to brink that I grabbed his arm in a veiled treat to drag him to the main office. Of course, I let go once I realized that I could be sued for doing so, but I agonized over the situation for days after wondering what would come of it. So far, nothing.

Wednesday, I opened my credit card statement to learn that it had been fraudulently charged for an airline ticket on AirAsia. Not surprisingly with the way the week was going, my credit card company said I had to deal with AirAsia, who in turn said I have to deal with my credit card. Needless to say that all the ranting and all the "supervisors" I have spoken with, still have not led to a removal of charges that will soon be accruing interest.

Thursday, I dropped a cherry wood clock onto my foot. The side of my foot looks like a photo of the Earth from space.

Friday, I went for a walk with my super fit friend to clear my head and came back sucking wind like a two pack a day smoker.

Saturday, my father and stepmother came to visit and as usual, my stepmother gave me a rundown of why my opinions are wrong and why she's entitled to her opinion.

Today, I got my period... that's it. That's enough.

So, this sucktastic week finally comes to a close. Can I hope that the bad karma will go with it?

Doubtful. But who knows. Last week at this time, everything was fine.


  1. WOW!!! Girl you have left me (alomost,lol) speechless! Don't know how you got through all that without losing it. But you didn't. You seemed close to the edge, but didn't jump off it. You go straight to the top of my list to pray for good things to come your way, Bonnie. I hope all this yuck has passed on and you have brighter days ahead :)

  2. Gratefully accepting all prayers!
    Update: The dog is back to her bratty self. She lives to see another day.

    Apparently, the child I had my altercation with was in such a state that day, he doesn't even remember my being there. Yup, that scares me too. I'm just going to stay away from that one.

    Credit card situation seems to be going in a positive direction. Charges have not been removed, but they have been put on hold which means they will not be accruing interest. Small favors. I'll take it.

    My foot is a lovely shade of lavender. I think that means it's getting better... or it's about to fall off.

    Yes, I need to work out more often so the few times I do exercise I don't pass out.

    My stepmother's departure was battle free... but I didn't say fight free.

    And my cramps are grueling but I'm one cycle closer to menopause so I see it as a positive. Yes, that's right. I'm waiting for the end of these days.

    When you have a week of stepping in poo, stepping in mud is a step up. Thank you for the generous prayers and kind words, Wendy. I'm glad you've got my back. -B

  3. Amen! Lavender would be a lovely color for you, Bonnie. I think I remember seeing a photo of you with one of your posts. Lavender would bring out your wonderful dark eyes and hair. Too bad it's on your foot. Glad it's not broken.
    Having a 91 pound American Bulldog Boxer dog, it is good to hear your family friend is back to her healthy, ornery self. They really do become our furry kids :)
    Mother-in-Laws. Had my run ins with mine. We're in a better place now. Mainly because we only see each other a few times a year and have learned which buttons not to push.
    And as far as menopause, I agree with you. We aren't having more children and I can't wait to just get all the monthly crap over with. Just hope it isn't a horror story like some women end up with.
    Good idea to steer clear of the kid that got so worked up. Let's hope all he had was an incredibly bad day and nothing like whatever happened happens again.
    It would be nice to really be there as a live friend instead of a blog friend. Know what I mean?
    Glad all is right in your world as of now, Bonnie. You deserve this respite from bad :)

  4. I know what you mean about being a live vs blog friend, Wendy. And I thank you :-)
    Wishing a great day for both of us.