Sunday, January 8, 2012

Promises Of More To Come

It's funny isn't it? When life is going smoothly, the creative well is dry.

Life is running like clockwork. I haven't found time to exercise, to play with projects, to sit and read, but still, I have no major issues to vent... and I therefore, have nothing to write about.

Perhaps it is this very issue which makes many artists' work so filled with anger. Be is paintings or prose, a bad day can have the pen flowing. Sadly, the average day in the life of a middle-aged suburban housewife and mother doesn't have the emotional baggage to make for good art.

I do not mean to suggest however that I am seeking drama for drama's sake. It just means that I, well, have nothing to say.

So with that, I will take no more of your time. Until we met again, under grey skies filled with the promise of heated ranting. Adieu.


  1. Well, it's a breath of fresh air to know your life is running smoothly. I was worried after reading your last post. Not that I don't enjoy reading your blog, but I hope your life continues to go well.
    I agree, my writing is usually brought on by stress, depressed moods or other day to day struggles. But, I am sure you will find something pleasant to write about and share with us about all the positive things going on in your life.
    Don't stay away too long, Bonnie. You'll be missed.

  2. Things turned out differently than I had imagined they would during the holidays. Leaving me to ponder all the wasted time spent worrying about things that had not yet come to be. Truly a misuse to precious, precious time.
    But with all that behind me, and a new year ahead, I have a bit of normalcy on my hands and I must say, I like it.
    Now, don't count out my railings all together. I have events in the immediate future which will need my strength and I will be letting you in on them as they happen. But for the moment, I have peace. It's a novelty that I am enjoying ;-)
    Thank you, Wendy. You know me, it won't be long ;-)