Monday, January 30, 2012

"Goodbye All I'm Goin' To Boston..."

I spent this past weekend in Boston visiting one of my best friends from college.

While we do 'speak' regularly via email, facebook, and phone, we had not seen each other in almost nine years. It's hard to fathom a relationship being just as strong, if not more so, nearly a decade later, without being and doing things together. But apparently, it can.

And though it is true that time has added more wrinkles and pounds to the mix, it has also added more individual life experiences that surprisingly have given us more common ground, those being marriage and children. How odd that two people, with separate lives in separate states, with varied viewpoints and circumstances, should lead such parallel lives.

It was comforting. It made me feel comfortable in a way that made it easy to slip into our old silly college days and enjoy the moments that the weekend brought. I came home to the warmth and love of my family truly happy to have had this time to share old stories and share new experiences with an dear friend.

Thank you for a warm and familiar and comfortable weekend, EO. Your friendship is a blessing. You make me smile.


  1. Wonderful! So happy for you, Bonnie. You seem more at ease now. It comes through in your writing. You really needed that time to spend with your friend. She feels the same, I'm sure :)

  2. This weekend away and the one before only serve to prove that we MUST recharge. We can't run on empty for very long.
    Always take time for you, Wendy. I will try to do the same. It's not enough to save it for vacation time. A little bit, even a few minutes, everyday in order to stay grounded, energized, and most of all sane!
    Thank you, Wendy :-)