Monday, January 30, 2012

"Goodbye All I'm Goin' To Boston..."

I spent this past weekend in Boston visiting one of my best friends from college.

While we do 'speak' regularly via email, facebook, and phone, we had not seen each other in almost nine years. It's hard to fathom a relationship being just as strong, if not more so, nearly a decade later, without being and doing things together. But apparently, it can.

And though it is true that time has added more wrinkles and pounds to the mix, it has also added more individual life experiences that surprisingly have given us more common ground, those being marriage and children. How odd that two people, with separate lives in separate states, with varied viewpoints and circumstances, should lead such parallel lives.

It was comforting. It made me feel comfortable in a way that made it easy to slip into our old silly college days and enjoy the moments that the weekend brought. I came home to the warmth and love of my family truly happy to have had this time to share old stories and share new experiences with an dear friend.

Thank you for a warm and familiar and comfortable weekend, EO. Your friendship is a blessing. You make me smile.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Weekend Away

A chance to get away always seems to put things in perspective.

I come back with a renewed sense of purpose and drive.

I wish there was a way to bottle this feeling of both relaxation and energy to use at those moments in my life when I need a reminder of all that is good and right, with my life and the world in general.

That would be a trillion dollar idea now wouldn't it? ;-)

Find your bliss my friends. Let it point you in the right direction and chart that course for what feeds your soul. And once you find it, may you always have it in ample supply.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

What A Week

Why must I always forget that I live at the corner of good & bad?

Just last week, I sat at this desk and wrote that there was nothing to write. All was well. What an idiot.

Monday, I went to the vet's office, sans dog, to ask what the procedures are for helping my furry girl onto the next phase. At 13 years old, she's well past her prime for a big dog. Her legs are stiff, she messes in the house, she's gone deaf, and there are days like the ones that lead up to Monday, where she just lays there, not eating, not barking, not even picking up her head, that tell me, it's time. Of course, as usual, she was back to her princess puppy status by Wednesday, so it was more an informational meeting with the vet than an actual appointment but I was nonetheless emotional.

Tuesday, I had a situation at the school where I work with a 3rd grade boy who pushed me so far to brink that I grabbed his arm in a veiled treat to drag him to the main office. Of course, I let go once I realized that I could be sued for doing so, but I agonized over the situation for days after wondering what would come of it. So far, nothing.

Wednesday, I opened my credit card statement to learn that it had been fraudulently charged for an airline ticket on AirAsia. Not surprisingly with the way the week was going, my credit card company said I had to deal with AirAsia, who in turn said I have to deal with my credit card. Needless to say that all the ranting and all the "supervisors" I have spoken with, still have not led to a removal of charges that will soon be accruing interest.

Thursday, I dropped a cherry wood clock onto my foot. The side of my foot looks like a photo of the Earth from space.

Friday, I went for a walk with my super fit friend to clear my head and came back sucking wind like a two pack a day smoker.

Saturday, my father and stepmother came to visit and as usual, my stepmother gave me a rundown of why my opinions are wrong and why she's entitled to her opinion.

Today, I got my period... that's it. That's enough.

So, this sucktastic week finally comes to a close. Can I hope that the bad karma will go with it?

Doubtful. But who knows. Last week at this time, everything was fine.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Promises Of More To Come

It's funny isn't it? When life is going smoothly, the creative well is dry.

Life is running like clockwork. I haven't found time to exercise, to play with projects, to sit and read, but still, I have no major issues to vent... and I therefore, have nothing to write about.

Perhaps it is this very issue which makes many artists' work so filled with anger. Be is paintings or prose, a bad day can have the pen flowing. Sadly, the average day in the life of a middle-aged suburban housewife and mother doesn't have the emotional baggage to make for good art.

I do not mean to suggest however that I am seeking drama for drama's sake. It just means that I, well, have nothing to say.

So with that, I will take no more of your time. Until we met again, under grey skies filled with the promise of heated ranting. Adieu.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, My Blogosphere Family!
May the year ahead bring us all closer to our goals, more tolerant of our short comings, and in the end, happier.
Peace and Appreciation Always,