Saturday, October 1, 2011

To Be Or Not To Be, That Is Indeed The Question

This week, I sat down to write at three different moments of irritation and rage, only to find myself questioning why I had let myself get this far. And somehow, still a mystery to me, I was able to defuse the issue before I wrote anything down.

Huh? Interesting.

But my anger has always been the fire to my literary flame. Without it, my prose are less "emotion-filled tirade" and more, well... what?

If the quest of this blog was to become a better me and to become a better me I have to find some inner peace then writing about what enflames me goes against the point.

Wait! Did I just have an epiphany?!

I'm at a crossroads. A fork in the road. A "to be or not to be" moment.

It's taken me two years to realize "this". I must have just turned a corner. I think that's called growth.

Would you look at that? Not bad, Bonnie ;-)

But now what do I do?....

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