Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mid-40's. Enter Stage Left.

Tomorrow is my birthday. My 44th birthday to be exact. I have officially entered my mid-40's. You may applaud ;-)

I've had a lot of, well let's call them, epiphanies as of late. You know, the moments in your life when you suddenly realize something that's been staring you solidly in the face for some time but you weren't ready to see it until now. The moments that make you stop and say, "I get it."

I suppose it comes from being an adult. The wisdom that comes with age. The confidence in your abilities, the contentment with your flaws, the feeling of being centered with who you are.

And the path is clear. Something in the last few weeks, maybe even days, has signaled the way to a more peaceful place. A place where I am completely happy with my life. A place where the things that plague me, don't really matter because I have been either proactive in changing them or I have learned to live with them as they are. I'm not there yet, but I can see it just up ahead. And the sun is shining on my smiling face as I embrace the positive in all challenges.

So, are you wondering what wonderful meds I'm on right now, and where you can get them? ;-)

It's called a grown-up pill. That's right. Just look yourself in the mirror and say, "God you look like Hell, but your wrinkles come from too much laughing, your fat from too much delicious food, and your greying hair that some say comes from stress is the stress of a life of work with accomplishments and setbacks with achievements." Battle scars of winning the war over "trying to be" in pursuit of "just being".

I'm nearly there and I have to say, it feels really good!
Happy 44th Birthday To Me! I can hardly wait =)


  1. Hooray! Happy Birthday :D

    And not to sound dippy and superficial but you look fantastic (and you sound great, too)!

  2. Thank you so much, Joan! For the birthday wishes and the not at all "dippy and superficial" compliments! I will no doubt come back to reread them again ;-)
    Have a wonderful day!