Sunday, January 30, 2011

Where Is Everyone?

I haven't had a bout of insomnia in so long, I can't remember the last time. That's a good thing.

But I'm up tonight, and thought I'd take some time to write. I realize that I've been out of the picture for a month now and it's high time I put fingers to keys. But first, I thought I'd check out some of my favorite bloggers and see what they have been up to. Looks like we've all been MIA.

Some haven't written in a few weeks while others have been "off the grid" for close to a year, or more. It got me thinking about why I write.

Most of time, if not all the time, it's to vent. Could it be that I have nothing to complain about? Or have I just come to accept the trials and tribulations of my daily existence and move on instead of letting it rise to a full boil and an expletive laden blog post. Maybe, there is just no drama left in me?! ...I kinda doubt that too.

I think it's just life. It's busy. It can be complicated. It can mundane. It can distract you while you're focusing on it (chew on that one for a bit). But sometimes, it just doesn't leave enough hours in the day or energy in your body to sit here and write.

My insomnia has not waned. I think it's time for meds. It's moments like these when I wish I drank. A glass of wine would do the trick ;-)
Goodnight my blogosphere family! Bonne nuit.