Sunday, December 5, 2010

No, I Haven't Died...

... I've just been busy. And I've neglected my blog and all my wonderful blogosphere friends. For that I apologize.

Everyday there is a list of things to do as long as my arm and I somehow only get my fingertips to my wrist - if I'm lucky. Then the things that were supposed to be done today get moved to tomorrow and so on, until the end of the week has a week's worth of "stuff" to accomplish. Ugh!

I've been trying to put all things Christmas (shopping, decorating, partying, and dare I say, enjoying) into a neat box but to no avail. This year is a bit different between work, school, activities, obligations, saving money, feeling the spirit... well, it can all become a bit much.

In the spirit of saving money, we have decided as a family to forgo the real tree this year. I couldn't see spending $50+ on a dead tree. Of course, I will miss it and this time next year I may demand it, but for now, we will decorate to holiday glory our artificial tree (and burn the pine scented candle I bought instead). Yes, I know, why would we buy a tree every year if we already have one... well the answer is quite simple. I have too many ornaments for just one tree and I like to have two.

Spoiled? Yes. Changing my ways? Trying.

While we're on the subject of money, I have purchased all my gifts (and not to brag, but I have a nose for retail so I never pay full price) and now begins to process of putting them altogether with flare. That flare is the money saving but all too time consuming, baking and crafting to make meager items into gift showpieces. Ones that ultimately earn the response, "Bonnie, you have outdone yourself this year." Yes, thank you, thank you, I'm a bit of a praise hog. But when I pour myself into a project, I think a deserve it.

Conceited? Yes. Changing my ways? I'll take it down a notch but that's all I'm promising.

As for being on task with my rigid calendar, the answer this year, unfortunately, is No. The Christmas cards were out on time - and I must really be ahead of the game because I haven't gotten a single card back. But the decorations are coming out of storage at a snails pace, the outside is still dressed likes it's Thanksgiving, and you'd think that now that we've decided to put up the artificial tree, we'd have no excuse for it not to be lit up with a hundreds of twinkling lights. It is my goal today to get it all out and up.

Determined? Yes, but I'm already feeling the need for caffeine. Changing my ways? I'm feeling old and my energy is lagging so, yes, I certainly need to change.

Without much thought, you can all guess what has gone to the wayside while I'm mired in holiday hoopla. You guessed right, my diet and exercise routine. My what? That would suggest I had a routine. Toast for breakfast, pasta leftovers for lunch, Chinese take-out for dinner, pots of coffee, and I've taken to buying and keeping in my bag, chocolate. What the Hell is that? I need carbs and sugar, well, like I need carbs and sugar. Last time I was at the doctor (a few weeks back when I had bronchitis) the nurse noted that my blood pressure was up. That was after my dentist appointment the day before where they have made a new practice of taking blood pressure and it was up there too.

Have I done anything? No. Have I done less than anything? Yes. I'm a mess!!

OK. My little one is up and ready to decorate. I've got to use her energy to get me going too. Much to do.

I will try not to ignore my blog and get back to posting at least once a week, if only to put to rest any fears that I may have died... I'm alive, just buried.

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