Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Cousin

I received a phone call early this morning.

My 44 year old cousin (and father of five) had passed away. An autopsy is scheduled for today. It seems there may have been complications with mixing medications and he died of kidney failure.

It's just two weeks until Christmas.

I'm not processing this well. Since I received the phone call, I've been shocked, sad, mad, and scared. The latest of which has me coming to my blog. If a man just one year older, with a family the youngest of which is not three, can just die, then so can I. He was overweight. I'm overweight. He had weight related health issues. So could I. So may I. So do I.

As a result of this information stuck in my brain, I have not eaten today. I am scared to eat. Is that weird? I think it is.

I'm not handling this well. I'm really thrown. And I'm scared.

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