Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

Not yet December... already stressed. And apparently, that's the way I like it.

Because were it not for the insane level with which I require all things this season, I could probably get through the season without a care in the world. But my gifts have to evoke tears of joys, decorations must feed the soul, Christmas cards must arrive no later than Dec. 1st, handwritten with a special message for the reader alone, embossed with a gold seal, and scented like a Christmas tree. OK, maybe not scented.

This year I've added to the mix my part time position at the school (which I did not have last year), the start-up of my new venture "Two Fancy Fishes", and a bout of bronchitis that still has me hacking up a lung two weeks later.

Don't forget the calendar of party invitations to accept, holiday events and pageants to attend, school fundraising galas to support, maybe some sleeping... just if I can fit it in. This in addition to the regular schedule. Add the fact that every time I start a project, I run out of something I need and you can see my head implode. Oh, look at that, I'm out of tape.

Now, if I could just ratchet down the level with which I feel the need to "do" this holiday season, maybe I wouldn't be loosing my hair. (Uh-oh, note to self, I need to make a hair appointment.) I mean some people throw a few decorations up and call it a day (without stringing a single light). Some people buy the first thing they see and give it to you in the bag it came in (without a hand tied satin bow). Some people don't host parties, don't bring anything homemade to the parties they attend, don't send Christmas cards, don't watch Christmas specials with their kids while having hot cocoa, don't do much of anything... and are not sick to their stomachs right now.

Whew! I need some Tums.

Off to get dressed for the "Garden of Lights" at the Botanical Gardens. It's tradition and I really do love it.

Would I rather be watching TV on this particularly cold night? Yes, but that's not how I do things.

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