Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Day To Give Thanks

My favorite quote above all others is "Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored."

But for this one day, let's assume that the early settlers and the native americans got along. That there was only peace, and generosity, and community, and cooperation, and compassion, and love and trust of your fellow man... be they white or tan.

Imagine if you will, a politically correct, children's Disney-fied version of the Thanksgiving feast.

Ahhh... lovely.

Now hold that feeling of warmth and hope and joy till you feel yourself actually glowing with gratefulness. That's the day of giving thanks. That's Thanksgiving.
On this day I thankful for:

being overweight because it means I have more than enough food.

the cough in my chest and the meds given to me by my doctor because I am still well enough to be productive, have access to advanced medical care, and am covered by insurance.

my husband, my daughter, my dog, and the ups and downs of our daily lives which we navigate together.

my family, my friends who while being the thrust of many a ranting, are still my biggest advocates.

my life. Not too big, not too small, just right for me.

me. I'm still growing and there is always room for improvement, but I like myself. I have much to offer those around me and I look forward to another year being me ;-)
May this Thanksgiving Day find you grateful for all that is in your life, the good and the bad. For it is only from working to change the bad to good, the process and the result, that there can be real gratitude.
Happy Thanksgiving Day! We are blessed indeed.

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