Friday, October 29, 2010

Lost & Found

Well, maybe not lost. Perhaps misplaced is a better word. And not quite found. It's there, I just don't have it in my grasp.

What, you ask, am I talking about? Exactly!

Words. Words escape me these days. Here on this blog as well as in daily polite conversation. I've lost the thrust of the story, the line of questioning, the poetic prose (if indeed I ever had that), and the point. Where did it go?

I'm chalking it up to jumble brain. Yes, I just made that condition up, but you know what I mean. Too much going on, with regards to a variety of subjects, all with imminent or impending timelines, some painful while others joyous, all getting blended together in a confusion stew.

Days were that I used to take to this blog to sort things out. Now, I can't form a complete sentence much less a complete thought to help put into order the mess in my head.

I need a vacation. But, oh wait, I have one coming just a week away. A Caribbean cruise in fact. What better way to blow away the clouds of disconnect and uncertainty? No, not helping, only adding.

Chaos is not my friend. Disorder is my enemy. Loss of direction puts me at a standstill. And to add insult to injury, I've lost my words. Words that once saved me from the clutter of my mind. Words that now elude me.


  1. HOLY COW! I leave you alone for a few days and you're hanging by a thread! First off, S-L-O-W down, woman. Take some deep cleansing breaths. Take your time. I'll wait for you..........................................................................................................................................
    There, you should feel much lighter now. You know, yoga or pilates might help with your stress. Do you have a YMCA in your area? There are great beginner classes. I have NO balance what-so-ever and I am currently taking a yoga/pilates mixed class two days per week. Cost was a mere $25 bucks. The instructor is great-and key to this class being a hit-and you can get a great stretch and tone up all in one without breaking a sweat. Don't laugh, or underestimate your ability to be able to do yoga or pilates. As with all things, it takes practice. I am working on stamina, strength, and balance. Maybe this will help relieve some anxiety. After a workout you should feel lighter and relaxed. Changing from an aerobic workout maybe what you need for now.
    Once you get home from your vacation, which I am SO jealous of in a good way :), if you would like to reach me via email you may. is my email. Please make sure I know it's you emailing or I may delete your message. I cannot believe the amount of spam I get on a daily basis. And if your email is important, I don't want to mistake it for junk mail ;)
    I am wishing you an awesome vacation, Bonnie. Let's hope you come back with a renewed sense of your world and your words that you lost will come back to you as well!

  2. Wendy, I leave in less than 12 hours. I wanted to get back to you to let you know I am in a better place than I was when I wrote this and I'm going to be in a much better place by 2pm tomorrow. Ahh, vacation.

    In any event, I have something for you so I'm going to send you an email with an explanation.

    I'm sure I'll have much to post once I get back and regroup. Until then, my friend.