Monday, October 4, 2010


You know that face you make when you see or smell or hear about something disgusting? Well, get ready to make it.

My family and I (yes, I made them join me - though no one protested) consumed a ridiculously carb-loaded, fat-loaded, health-free diet yesterday. We started the day with bagels and cream cheese, had McDonald's burgers and fries for lunch (with soda or milkshakes), and rounded out the day with pizza. I can't believe that sometimes I actually wonder how I got to my current weight.

We did it without thought - a "gut" response. We were hungry, no one wanted to cook, there was very little in the house since I needed to go grocery shopping. But instead of going grocery shopping, we chose to leave the house not once, not twice, but three times to pick-up the caloric nightmares we ingested yesterday. God do we need help.

I take this on as my own. It is all my fault. My husband is weak when it comes to food and willing to "fly" if I "buy" so I should have been the one to direct him towards the farmer's market instead of fast food. And my daughter, well, how many kids are going to choose broccoli over bagels... if you've got one of those kids, just keep it to yourself.

It seems that once I'm on a positive upswing with regards to the choices I make with my food and that of my family, I lose steam and find myself dusting powdered sugar off my mouth. What is wrong with me?

Worst yet is that instead of giving me the kick in the pants I need to put me back on track, this post is making me hungry for the cold pizza still in the fridge. I've got issues. There is no question.

I read an AOL article this morning that said overeating will cost you over $250,000 in your lifetime (your shortened with health issues, lifetime). That's my vacation home right there. What am I doing? I'm teaching my daughter the bad eating habits that will last her a lifetime, I'm destroying any hope I have of losing weight, AND it's costing me my beach house.

I've got to make some changes and fast! Now, how to start?

Damn, I can't think on an empty stomach.


  1. Well, I can't give you anything on this one. Cause I am guilty myself of loving food. And not always the veggies and fruits I know I should eat. My family included. I think that food has ingredients in it to cause you to crave even more of the junk stuff. What other explanation is there? I mean, there are people with incredible amounts of will power. But set some junk food in front of them and WOW!! Bye-bye will power. Since it seems that this food outburst has really disgusted you, maybe this could be a learning experience. Just think of how grossed out you were to learn about losing your beach house or jeans size the next time the urge to eat too much of the bad stuff grabs hold of you. I cannot guarantee it will ward off an urgent craving, but it could help. Worth a try. I read in a magazine a craving only lasts 10 minutes. So you could call a friend or text. Texting would keep your fingers busy. Maybe chew gum? This seems like it could be just a temporary setback. You let go of it here. So don't be so hard on yourself, Bonnie. Women are already too hard on themselves. Dig in and make up for it by eating better over the next few days and see if that will put your body and mind at peace. Good luck, Bonnie.

  2. I suppose it took falling off the wagon and rolling down the metaphorical canyon of life to get me to think about what I eat before I consume it... again!
    Thankfully, it didn't set me back too much since the dress I bought months ago for my sister's birthday party this weekend, still fits. Whew!
    Thanks for the pick-me-up Wendy. To know that even a fitness professional like yourself takes a detour on eating once in a while gives me... an out ;-) I can stop feeling sick to my stomach about eating myself sick to my stomach ;-)

  3. Glad your dress still fits! Now that's what I call a comeback. Hope your sister's birthday is the best ever. And don't be afraid to eat some birthday goodies. Mingle while you eat a few bites so you won't be tempted to stay close to the food you don't want to eat as much of. If you are as skilled at talking in person as you are here on blogger, I would have to say you're a great conversationalist. So talking and sipping water or iced tea through the party should get you by. Especially if you fill up on H2O and a good meal before you get to see your sister. So glad you are feeling better, Bonnie :)

  4. Oh, I can hold my own at a cocktail party... the trick will be doing it while wearing 4" heels and staying up past my bedtime ;-)
    My sister turning 30 just reminds me I'm 13 years older than her. That, and the fact that I didn't have time this week to get my hair dyed back to it's "natural" color. Whoo-boy the grey hairs are everywhere!! ;-)
    Thanks again Wendy. You are a great friend!

  5. Soooo yesterday I took the remainder of the apples we picked at the orchard a few weeks ago and made aple sauce AND an apple pie. (complete with latticed top, thank you)

    Guess what my daughter had for breakfast? (and I finished what she didn't) Yup. Apple pie. Warmed. With ice cream. :-)

    Breakfast of champions!

    We all do it from time to time. Don't beat yourself up over it. There are some days that just NEED to be junk food filled!

    But as long as it's balanced out with days of good eating. Isn't that what it's about? Balance? Have fun at the wedding! You'll dance off all those carbs!

  6. Ooo, warm apple pie with ice cream for breakfast sounds wonderful! What?! It's got fruit, it's got dairy. I certainly don't see the problem ;-)

    I've gotten back on track this week without much stress. I suppose you're right about needing a junk food fill every once in a while. So, "a while", what do you think? Once a month, once a week... ;-)