Thursday, September 2, 2010

PS To My Last Post

No numbers this time. That would just make me mortified. My weight has gone up!
I'm exercising regularly. I'm eating better, if not right. Taking my vitamins; drinking my water. I have more stamina and energy. Christ, when I got on the scale tonight, I really thought it was going to be less than last time - NOT MORE!
Shit, for these numbers, I could have been eating pots of pasta and trays of cookies.
I'm at a loss. I'm going to bed.


  1. Honey, I know you went to your doctor and found you have pre-diabetes. However, is your thyroid alright? It can wreak havoc on a body. What does your doctor say? Did you get a 2nd opinion? Maybe keeping a food journal will help you. Track all the portion sizes and what you're eating everyday for a month. Maybe you are eating more than you thought. If you are/have done or are doing any of these things, maybe you should see an endocrinologist? Hope I spelled that correctly. My spellchecker is out-of-order,lol. Any way...In a nutshell, it seems as if you are working way too hard not to get the results you so desire. Stamina and energy are good signs that you are getting some positive results. You can't go this far and quit, Bonnie. Talk with your doctor, get online and find others who have the same thing going on. Don't give up. I am cheering for you :)

  2. OH, I just realized something else that could be going on, Bonnie. If you are exercising and that includes strength training with weights, try and remember that muscle weighs more than fat. I am not saying that will help you get into your size 6 clothing. But if everything else is good after you check in with your doctor, then don't worry. Please don't be angry if I am way off on this. I am trying to figure this out. Trying to put your shoes on my feet and see what path I would choose...That's all :) Let me know what your doctor comes up with.

  3. I am not at all angry. It warms my heart to know that you care enough to offer all this great advice.

    Thyroid is good so it's not that.

    Journaling my food makes me depressed (though not depressed enough to stop eating) and so it winds up being a negative rather than a positive. I'm sure my portions are still too big but working out is hungry business.

    Just today I upped my water intake because I know it was no where near where is should have been. I checked online and did some calculations and I should be drinking close to a gallon of water a day. I'm still not finished with my daily allotment - Ugh! And I can't be too far from a bathroom - Ugh again! But if that's what I needed to get the numbers going in the right direction, then bring on the aqua.

    We leave for our anniversary cruise two months from tomorrow. I'm hoping to 10 lbs less which I think is reasonable. I'm not buying anything new to pack until the week before. Keep your fingers crossed.

    Thank you Wendy. You are good friend :-)

  4. Ditto on the bathroom and the H2O. I honestly thought something was wrong with my bladder cause I pee so much,lol. But water or anything close to it is great. Working out makes me hungry, too! Because it revs the metabolism. You burn like an Olympic torch during and after a good workout. I have found if I eat some almonds-a handful-some grapes or other fruit-one string cheese other snack size cheese at my mid-morning break I am not hungry again for at least 3 hrs. Also, I some times eat a meal bar with all that if I am starving. LARA bars are very good. Cliff Kids bars are good. I get them at Kroger when they are 10 for $10. That's a good way to try new meal bars out as well.
    I eat breakfast,mid-morning snack and lunch at work. I pack my food and bring it with me. Today's menu was:

    5:30am-ish: A scrambled egg-I made it the night before from one of those egg substitute cups that are already pre-measured,
    Two small apple cinnamon muffins from my husband the Schwan man, and small coffee with minimal cream and sugar from the vending machine.

    9am-my first 20 min. break: Oat Revolution Better Oats Cinnamon & Spice oatmeal, whole strawberries, peach chunks, mango chunks about a 1/4 cup total from Schwan foods. It was frozen then thawed overnight in my fridge and at work til this break and I added the fruit to my oatmeal to help cool it off, a carton of vanilla Organic Milk by Horizon-also comes in strawberry and chocolate. Also, 10 $10 at Kroger or I wouldn't have tried them,lol. All are very good. Even strawberry which normally is gross to me.

    12noon-last 20 min. break: LARA apple pie meal bar, half a bottle of Lipton Sweetened iced tea. I usually have more to eat, but I wasn't hungry too much.

    Try adding more protein to what you eat. My friend and I discovered that we feel better after we eat eggs or bacon in the morning before our first break. We feel full longer. Cereal or oatmeal first thing in the morning will make us jittery and starving within an hour after eating.
    Keep in mind, I work at a job that requires non-stop walking,lifting,bending,stooping etc. for 8 hrs. every week day. Some days this week it's been 10 hrs. due to overtime. So I have to eat a lot. And I have to eat frequently. Even on weekends cause I am now on this schedule,lol.
    Cottage cheese is good and filling, too.
    Apples and bananas; though I am not a huge fan of the latter, have helped me stay full, too.
    Figure out what foods keeps you feeling full longest. There are some great diabetes websites that will even post recipes. That's how I got the idea to eat the grapes and the string cheese together with almonds. It isn't a lot of food when you only put a handful of the almonds and grapes in, but filling. And really we should eat every 2-3 hrs any way.
    Whew!!!! I just wrote an encyclopedia!
    Hope your cruise is AWESOME.
    Best of luck with your weight loss goals.

  5. I've been finding that if I have a bigger breakfast, I can go longer without being hungry and I even eat smaller throughout the day. Eggs at breakfast are a must for me.
    With my schedule of working 11:30am to 1:30am, I've been breaking out lunch into two smaller snacks before and after. Again, protein, veg, and fruit heavy.
    Dinner is still a struggle because even though my husband and I have discussed eating lighter in the evening, he still needs more of a meal or he snacks. So I wind up making/eating more than I should/need/want. It's a work in progress.
    I still get hungry in the middle of the night. I don't know why. I've been working through it, but if I can't sleep because of it, a banana always does the trick... though I'm sure that would be a no-no.
    I've reconnected with an old friend from HS; it turns out she's a personal trainer and is working with me now on meal plans and exercise routines. So far so good.
    As always, ever and ever, thank you, Wendy. I'm so blessed to have you in my corner ;-)