Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Life In Numb3rs

6 weeks since my last post.
4 months since I've written with any regularity.
2nd day of my daughter's 3rd grade year.
10 years from now she'll be starting her 1st year of college.
2 months until my 15th anniversary.
0 dollars in my checking account since I just paid the balance on our 7-day cruise.
900 dollars is the estimate for regular maintenance my husband's 6 year old car.
31st of the month is payday... it's also bill paying day.
17 years since I was 120 pounds yet 1/2 my closet is still devoted to the clothes I used to fit in.
6.0 was my blood sugar level 6 weeks ago when I learned I was pre-diabetic.
400 more carb-filled calories than I should have consumed today.
43 1/2 years old and it's just occurred to me that I'm solidly middle-aged.
15 hours since I read my friend's blog that got me thinking about paths we take in life... numbers of options offered to us, numbers of decisions made for us, numbers of alternate routes diverted by us. Infinite roads, just 1 life.

I'm 95% happy with the life I've created. The remaining 5% is reserved for the checkbook and the scale both of which I'm 100% responsible in the blame of their current condition and in their potential overhaul. And I'm 99% committed to change... the 1% is for days I "need" a cookie ;-)


  1. Damn Bon, that a lot of numbers.... 3rd grade math isn't even THAT hard! :-0
    I'm going to have to throw a quote at you that was written by a wise friend of mine...

    "Have you and I gotten off our planned paths since our days at UMASS? That would be a resounding "yes". But have we really changed that much? I'd like to think we're just bringing that same passion to new objectives whether it be me and Gilly singing at the top of our lungs in the car or you letting Ally paint herself Avatar blue. Same passion, different day."

    Once i read that, everything made sense.
    thanks to you, my friend!

  2. There's a line in "When Harry Met Sally" (uh-oh, my age is showing) that Bruno Kirby says to Carrie Fisher... "I've never heard me quoted back to me".
    It's kinda nice ;-)
    Thanks my "Yankee Sistah". Thank you my friend!

  3. I like the numbers. :) Get rid of the old clothes. Be ruthless. It'll be tough but worth it.

  4. So glad to see that I haven't lost all my blogoshpere friends by abandoning my blog these past few months.
    Yard Sale this Fall... featured items anything sized 6 or less ;-)

  5. It's frustrating having clothing hanging around to remind us of yester year. I used to cling to clothes that no longer looked good on me and even some that really looked as though they came straight from an episode of Who's The Boss? Once I realized hanging on wasn't doing me or my closet space any good, I donated or gave away or garage saled it all away. I may not have looked 10-20 pounds lighter, but I sure felt that way. Best wishes on your garage sale :) It takes guts to let go of the past and move toward the future.

  6. Your "Who's the Boss?" reference made me laugh out loud. Big shoulder pads and big hair... I miss the 80s.
    I dumped a bunch of my old things just this week. I didn't want to bother selling them 'cause I don't even want to see them ;-)
    Thanks for posting Wendy. I've missed talking with you.