Thursday, July 15, 2010

The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Learning yesterday that I am pre-diabetic has thrown me into a mixed emotion bag.

I had a rush of adrenaline upon hearing my blood work results. A combination of fear and energy. In moments, I was ready to fight, willing to cut out everything from my diet that (I love) had put me in the place I was, and prepared to jump into a exercise routine with (literally) both feet.

I spent the next few hours researching everything the Internet had to offer me in the way of knowledge about the disease, diet changes I had to make, exercises that would be essential to reversing the course I was on... see, I'm already using the word "was".

The warning shots I received yesterday have presented me with a rare gift... I chance to correct what I have been doing wrong for so long, get back to the weight and shape I used to be in, and most importantly, make a U turn on the road to Type 2 Diabetes.

I just finished a 2 mile walking workout. Doesn't sound like much, but for someone who hasn't done any real exercising in month, it's a fairly huge first step.

I also have been closely monitoring what I ate today having made easy to follow menus yesterday. I haven't yet fallen off the wagon.

In the past, it's been easy enough to say, "Oh well, one little slip. I'll diet again tomorrow. I'll workout tomorrow" and then tomorrow never came. Now, everything I do or don't do will have a profound effect on my future. And no chocolate truffle or french baguette is worth that.

Today, is the first day of the rest of my life. I'm ready for the challenge. I'm ready to make the chance.


  1. Good going, Bonnie! You are one tough cookie. Although I am sure your diagnosis of pre-diabetes was an emotional one, I have no doubt about your ability to over come this :) What were your WARNING signs?
    My spending habits could use some shaping up as well. I suppose spending has more to do with the empowerment feeling it gives me. Although, I really don't purchase clothing any place except Goodwill or at other second hand shops, I really love my products; shampoos, lotions, body scrubs and anything else that will make me seem or feel more beautiful. That's what comes of never having a lot of self esteem, lol. It's frustrating! I know I shouldn't worry about my hair turning gray..But who wants to grow old ungracefully??
    I am trying and always will to curb my product addiction. Always thought my job should be a product tester for a magazine. I've heard you get FREE samples, ha ha ;)
    If you have time, would you share some of your friend's wisdom about spending with me? We are struggling with a few things ourselves. I know how busy you are. So I will thank you a million times over in advance.
    Best of luck to you, Bonnie. You are wonderful to be so honest with all of us!

  2. Hi Wendy,
    Thanks for writing. I feel like we haven't spoken in too long.

    Oddly enough, my warning signs were all in hindsight. The thrist, the fatigue, of course, my weight. The biggest blow to my ego however was not the realization that I had over-eaten and under-excersied myself into this situation, it was that my body wasn't as young as it used to be to process my lifestyle. I'm officially old. My word to the wise would be, get regular bloodwork done. I haven't had bloodwork done in 3 years. I probably could have caught this sooner but it's caught so that's all that matters.

    As for the advice of my friend... I too shop at the thrift stores for clothes and books and I always look there first before buying retail, BUT if I don't need anything, then any spending is unneccesary even at $1 a piece. I think her greatest advice was to think before spending. For example, we love to go to the movies. Well, movie, plus dinner, plus popcorn etc. all adds up. What should have been a cheap family outing just cost $50 at least - and there's just the 3 of us. So instead, rent in, make dinner and popcorn and it's nearly free in comparison. Now, I could never be as dilligent as my friend (her kids have gone to 5 movies in their lifetime, my daughter has gone to 5 in past 3 months) but we certainly can limit our outings to special movies. That was the best advice, but the best practical task she gave me was... pay with cash. I had assumed (wrongly) that by using my debit card for everything, I was being smart with my money. Well, the fact that it wasn't on credit was a good thing, but it didn't make me more responsible with my funds. By using cash, you automatically use less. For example, a week's worth of groceries could cost $100. On debit, I don't give second thought, I just swipe the card. But doling out 5 $20s will make you think twice about buying that shampoo that isn't on sale ;-) And when the cash is gone, you're done. No going back to the ATM or gettng cash back. Try it. It's amazing how well it works.

    Well, off to ready my family for another week. I haven't read your last few poems, Wendy, but I will.
    Thanks for stopping by. It was nice catching up.

  3. Thank you Bonnie. The bit about using the debit card is new to me. I guess I assumed because we always know how much we have on the debit we will be more careful. I will pass this on to my husband. We use his debit card for everything. Cause if you use the debit and it's stolen, it's replaced and the use of it is stopped by the bank. However, if your money is taken, it's just gone. Just as gone as if I had spent it on something that we didn't need in the first place, right ;) Good advice.
    Now that my husband's insurance is in effect, I will have to get a check up. Did you go to your regular doctor or an endocrinologist? I have had my blood work done in the past but was told my thyroid was fine and no sign of diabetes. Even though both run in my family's blood.
    Please don't call yourself old, Bonnie. That would mean I will have to admit my gray hairs are just that. Gray hairs. Not highlights as I have pretended, lol.
    As for poems...Well, they haven't been as regular as before. I took some of them off. It was getting crowded on my blog. Thank you for thinking of me when you have your plate quite full :)

  4. I just went to my regular PCP for a bloodwork scrip. Keep going for bloodwork annually after 40. That would have been my advice to myself but since at 40 nothing came up, I let it go. Bad patient. I blame that on my doctor father... doctor's kids are always the last to get medical attention.

    Quick note about the money. Cash is key! I bought a pricey gift for my husband today that I knew I had the money for so I used the debit so I wouldn't have to carry the cash. I felt nothing! Believe me, if I had to count out bills to pay for this thing, well I won't say I wouldn't have bought it, but it definitely would have hurt ;-)