Monday, April 19, 2010

Now I'm Just Being Petty

Renovations on both the kitchen and bathroom are DONE!!!

Cleaning crew comes tomorrow, landscaping gets finished tomorrow, I get my life back tomorrow.

But now I'm onto the next complaint, and it's a really petty one. I just received a call from our church. Our shepherd (the person handling our communion; think wedding planner provided by the church) called to discuss the details for Sunday. In the conversation she asked me if I had the number for John and Sue. "No... who are John and Sue?" "The parents of David who's getting his communion on Sunday too." WHAT?!

Our church has a wonderful tradition of scheduling not group communions but individual communions during regular masses. It's a way to integrate the child into the faith community. They receive communion first on that day. When we started the process, this is what I was told. So now, why is there someone scheduled on the same day at the same time? I had to have been the first person on the books because I called at 8am the day we were allowed to call. What was the point of that if there can be multiple communicants? And now (here comes the ultimate petty part) which kid gets to go first for their first communion?

I mean this is what they were saying all along. The child receiving their First Holy Communion receives it first. Now, when I said this to my husband, he just rolled his eyes and said "Are you going to complain about this too?" "No" (but I am going to blog about it.)

I'm just not getting my way lately, and I'm crossing my arms and stamping my feet and pouting. I may not be entitled but I'm doing it anyway. I just want everything to go right. And as planned. And the way I want. "Too bad, so sad" is all I hear ringing in my ears.

I'm acting like a complete and utter spoiled brat. So be it. I rarely get to, so let me have this. I'll get over it eventually... like next Monday. ;-)


  1. Forgive me, I read your blogs backward, LOL.
    I forgive you totally for stamping your feet and pouting. At least you vented. I on the other hand seethed internally until I decided to vent in writing form. Kudos to you for letting it OUT! Baby, you'r not the only one who knows how to act like a spoiled brat, LOL.
    Will you share a Day Time Emmy with me? XD

  2. Gladly. Are you comparing us to soap opera actresses whose characters act like spoiled brats? I hate soap operas but I have to admit, the actresses always have the best hair ;-)

  3. I hate soap operas, too XD
    And drama. But, yes, I have to agree their hair is better than what's sprouting from my head, LOL! Then again, if WE had someone primp our hair for us everyday our locks would be envied, too.