Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Got My Way... Why Does That Scare Me?

I just received not one but three phone calls from our church.

The first was from the church secretary asking if I was comfortable with the communion arrangements and assuring me that it was written in the booklet that there could be up to two communicants per mass. She told me that my "shepherd" had called her and told her of my confusion as to why there were two children instead of just the one. I apologized for being petty, that with my renovations and so many out-of-town guests coming and things not going as planned, that when I received the call, I felt like "here we go, something else that isn't going right". We ended the conversation in agreement with what was to happen on Sunday.

Thirty minutes later, she called again. She prefaced herself by saying this had nothing to do with me and was not done on my behalf, but the other family did not want their son's communion in the church, they wanted it in the hall (our church runs 3 masses at the same time in the main church, the auditorium hall, and the small chapel). My daughter would indeed be the only child receiving communion in the church on Sunday. I stopped breathing for fear I would be struck by lightening on the spot. She assured me that this had nothing to do with me. It just worked itself out.

Ten minutes after that, our "shepherd" called. I apologized to her for my behavior the night before explaining where my head was at. I asked if the other family's decision to have it in the hall had anything to do with me. She assured me "no". That when she was talking with them the night before they were surprised to hear her say the ceremony was in the church, when they had requested the hall. [Side note: This all came about because she had asked me if I had their phone number. If she had called them first, discovered the error, and then called me, I wouldn't have known about them at all. And I probably wouldn't have acted like a spoiled brat either.]

So I got my way. Why does that scare me so much? I'm actually holding my breathe because karma will no doubt get me for this one. I'm afraid to ask anyone, anywhere, for anything for at least until the weekend is over. Wish me luck.

And as always, thank you for listening to me vent.


  1. -sends some luck wishes your way-

    Sorry I didn't comment on your last post. I read it but I wasn't in a good frame of mind to comment.

  2. I wasn't in a good frame of mind when I wrote it so I understand. I hate being petty, and yet, I couldn't stop myself. Seems not being able to stop myself has been a pattern this week ;-)

    Hope you are feeling better, my friend. I have much reading to catch-up on with you... you've got to slow down your writing or I'll never be up to speed ;-) I do want you to know however, that I don't always comment because there are always SO many people putting in there two cents on your posts and I would just be more noise. That and, I don't want to just blow sunshine up your butt like I feel many of your readers do. You know I think your writing is great! You don't need me to fawn all over you; you've got plenty of Gavin Groupies ;-)

  3. Bonnie, don't sweat the small stuff =) Revel in the fact that you got what you want. Don't fear it. After all you've been through the past 2 months you deserve a break =)

  4. I feel a sense of calm and trepidation at the same time. This would make sense if it was last week when I had PMS ;-)
    In my heart, I know all will be well.
    Thank you all. It seems so strange that you are all so supportive of me and yet I don't know you in person. The blogosphere is an amazing place.