Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Not Now, But Soon

Just back from a whirlwind four days in NJ with my family... my one sister's art show, my other sister's bridal shower, our annual Sister's Spa and Shopping Weekend that this year was a Sister's Show, Shower, & Spa weekend, the first annual Brother-in-Law Golf & Gambling Weekend in AC which is where my daughter and I ended our weekend with my husband... and where I got in the shopping I missed with the sisters.

Needless to say, I'm behind the clock; so far behind the clock. As my friend says, "I'm so far behind, I'm first." The kitchen is nearly done but last week hit a major snag in that my contractor didn't show for all but 4 hours of it. No work got done and I was ranting and raging but only had the energy to do it on Facebook.

Now, I've got a little less than a month to finish the kitchen, start/finish the bathroom, and prepare for my daughter's communion when the entire family will be here. UGH!

Thank you all for your patience. There is much to say and more to come ;-)


  1. Haha I like that saying. "I'm so far behind, I'm first." Classic stuff there.

  2. It's amazing what being out of the loop can do for your in-box. I may have to stay up round the clock to catch-up.
    Hope all is well, Gavin.

  3. Yay! Glad to see you back :) Aw, her communion - I remember mine so well. It was my first Serious Fancy Thing I ever had to do. It'll be fun!

  4. Hey there! Glad you had a whirlwind vacation. Even though it was busy, it had to be fun to get away from home and all the constructing.
    Good to know you and the family are doing alright.
    Now let's talk about this FB addiction, LOL!
    Joking ;)

  5. Thanks ladies. I promise it won't be long now before I write something... or read your posts and comment. I haven't done either in so very long. Although, I suppose I could spend less time on FB... that would free up a fair amount of time ;-)

  6. good luck with all of that, Bonnie! It *will* get done...be patient with yourself...