Saturday, March 6, 2010

I'm 43.

Today is my birthday... and I don't say this in hopes of being showered with Happy Birthday wishes. I say this because I need to say it out loud, hear it, have my world NOT coming crashing down around me, and know that "yeah, it's OK, 43 is OK".

Happy Birthday to me! 43! Bring it on, baby! ;-)


  1. Happy Birthday! In my family, birthdays are a HUGE deal! So here are the benefits to today being your big day:

    -You can eat whatever you want, because calories don't count today, everything is fat free!
    -You can definately shuck any responsibilities. No one expects you to go to school or work or doctors appointments today.
    -You are aloud to wear the tackiest outfits and hats that are not flattering or don't match, just cause they make you feel good.
    -Some one else has to get up to find the remote or put the movie in, because you aren't expected to get out from under your blanket.
    -Don't even think of touching a dish!

    I think you get the point, enjoy it! You're the princess today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  2. Awesome. :D I hope everyone treats you really special today. (:

  3. Thank you both. So far, so good! Lots of calls and emails, cards and gifts. Got a cut and color this morning so I look at least my age ;-)
    It's been a great day! =D

  4. Bonnie you make 43 and your blog rock! My only regret is that I am not there to take you out and celebrate =)

  5. Thank you so much Wendy.
    The chest cold I've had since Thursday evening has come to a crescendo, but thank goodness for Sundays and nothing to do ;-)
    My house has also reached it's peak of dust which isn't helping my cough. All just reminders that birthdays are like any other days... we have to choose to make they better.
    Create a great day, my friends!

  6. Yeah, I feel your pain, girl. Chest colds are a downer. I am sending you dust-free feel good vibes straight to you =) Wishing you much better health and house soon!

  7. Happy Birthday, Missy! I feel you on the chest cold :( I spend February to April pretty much in a pile of tissues. Just think - soon, you'll have a beautiful new kitchen in which to hold court, yay! :D

  8. Thank you Wendy and Joan.
    Off to bed for an hour before work. No little ones better cross me today... I'm not in the mood ;-)