Thursday, March 11, 2010

Eight Years Ago

Eight years ago tonight, I lay awake in a hospital room, alone and cold and wondering what the future would bring. I was scared and nervous, and I cried tears of panic, though silently, until I feel asleep from exhaustion.

But eight years ago tomorrow night, I was no longer alone or cold. I was too scared and nervous to wonder what the future would bring. And while another night found me crying silently, this time it was tears of joy mixed with exhaustion.

Tomorrow is my baby's birthday. My little girl, the center of my world, the one person who makes me want to be a better person, is turning 8.

Eight years ago tomorrow night, my life changed... and I can't imagine my life any other way.
And now I'm crying again ;-)


  1. Aw! Happy Birthday Baby and a little Pisces too :D

  2. Like mother like daughter.
    She was the best 35th birthday present I could ever have hoped for.
    Thanks, Joan.

  3. Happy Birthday Bonnie's baby! :)
    I hope you both have a lovely day!

  4. HAPPY 8Th BIRTHDAY! Sorry this birthday wish is late. Our computer was down...AGAIN! 8 years old. That's a great age. Young enough to believe in fairy tales, not too embarrassed to have mom and dad hug/kiss them in front of friends, still playing with Barbies. Hope Gillian had a great day =)

  5. Wendy, it's odd to see you use my daughter's name. I'm not upset that you used though... it's sweet and special. I've tried to avoid it, but I noticed my friend Ginger used it in her comment and I let it go thinking it wouldn't get picked up on. I should have known you guys are too smart for that. But I am going to continue to only refer to her as "my daughter" and hope that it doesn't go farther than this post.
    Thanks so much for the wonderful birthday wishes for both she and I. We are very blessed.

  6. Understood ;) Although I am glad you're not upset, sometimes I forget to ask about things first before doing them. I suppose I saw your other friend's comment and thought because her name was used there, it was OK. She will be referred to only as "your daughter" from now on =)

    How goes the home fixer-uppers?

  7. Thanks for understanding Wendy.
    The house is going really well - knock on my new cabinets - but I've been crazed with it and stuff and plans and life that I haven't been able to find time or energy to write. I will be back, I promise. But I can't guarantee it will be before the end of March. Weird, I've never gone so long.
    Believe me, it doesn't mean I don't have ranting to do, just no time to do it ;-)
    Speak with you soon. - Bonnie

  8. Ha ha! Can't wait for your rants to begin again, Bonnie. Good to know your still hangin in with the home projects and that they are going well for you =)