Wednesday, February 17, 2010


So you all remember the Mommy that called me to tell me how I should host the Valentine's Day Party. Just thought I'd add this little morsel that took place today.

The Mid-Atlantic was hammered last week with snowstorm after snowstorm and school was cancelled for the entire week which meant, no Valentine's party. I spoke with the teacher about a reschedule and the only time the principal will allow it, is during lunch/recess this Friday. Well, that's when I work so I have to put out an email to the mothers who volunteered to help cover me for at least the first half hour.

Well, let me first say that last week during the snow days, I sent an email to the same group of moms to keep them updated on what was going in my conversations with the teacher. One mom had a question about games and I directed her to "the Mommy" who said, "I don't think we need games. We have enough." Sure, it's enough when I put you in charge of it but there was a mile long list of things to do if it was all on me. Cute!

So getting back to today. I saw "the Mommy" at pick-up and she literally turned her back on me as I passed her. Are you kidding me? You're snubbing me?! I came home to the following email...

"I am available for some of the time during the party, but not all. But since I want to make sure that the kids all have fun, I'll be ready to jump in and do whatever."

Does anyone else read... "I can't count on you to show my kid a good time so I have to make time to come in and check." Maybe it's just my migraine talking (two days now, BTW) but I think this woman is a Royal Bitch.

Again, could be my migraine, but I'd really rather just blame it all on her ;-)


  1. Um, make sure the kids all have fun?! WTF?? Is she implying that if she isn't there to make the fun happen then it won't? And what's with the snub? She couldn't face you to tell you she wasn't available to grace you with her presence for the entire party? Exactly how did you meet Queen Elizabeth? Had no idea that she was visiting America. OMG! I would've emailed back that she didn't need to bother showing up for the whole party let alone for half. And as for jumping in and doing whatever..she should go jump in a lake! Whether she's taking it out on you because the weather cancelled the party or just upset because you had someone call her and put her on the spot about not wanting games, you know, made her responsible for something instead of you taking care of it for her, she's way out of line for being so snotty. Did she actually volunteer for this event? If so, then she needs to cut the sloppy attitude. It would be different if she had been forced. Avoid this woman. SHE'S your migraine. Good for you not allowing her to take advantage of you, Bonnie.

  2. She's laughable at this point. I'm waiting for the comments tomorrow during the party. I've got some "comments" of my own ;-)

  3. Just remember...schools frown on 'Go f*&k yourself" being said at V-Day parties. :-)

    Have fun and let us know how it goes.

  4. LOL! Ginger, you crack me up.
    I'm ready with witty retorts but I've been told my sarcastic comebacks are sometimes too heady and leave the receiver unfazed instead of wounded only to "get it" later. That would be fine... she could feel the blow at home and wouldn't cause a scene at the school.
    I'm got some low blows too, just in case ;-)
    I'll keep you posted.