Monday, February 15, 2010

Head Swimming... Someone Remind Me That I Like A Crazy Life

Now that the snowstorms have done their worst, it's time to get back to regular routines and previously planned projects. With that said, the kitchen is about to begin. I spoke with my contractor this morning and he will start next Tuesday which gives me exactly one week to morph my house into a picture of efficient living - packing up the nick-nacks, creating a makeshift kitchen in the mudroom, etc.

Up until the time I had the aforementioned conversation with "A" (first initial of first name) I was ready to get to work on at least 3 other blog posts. But as is so often the case with my brain, practicality perseveres over deep rooted pondering and so I must put them to the side.

My last post had me contemplating a fictional piece, in order to throw off the scent of any possible personal connection. That is not yet begun, but the words are forming in my head... catch-phrases for dialogue and the like. I also have a parental, question-for-the-universe post in the works; that draft I've already started. I'll give you a taste...

When someone says, "Don't sweat the small stuff?" aren't they just hoping you'll agree that they don't have to do their laundry. "Fun! Fun!" Why does everything have to be fun? Can't there just be work because it has to be done? (Sorry about the rhyme.)

A third post is more of a continuation from the last and, as usual, another question... people who say they are comfortable with their flaws - delusional or liers?

Oh, I feel so much better having put those down on paper instead of trying to keep them straight in my head. Thank you for bearing with me for the next few days to a week or so until I can post again. Once the kitchen starts, I'll be at the computer all the time or none of the time, depending on how bad the construction dust is. But I will be back. You all know, I've got more than enough to say ;-)


  1. Ooh...I'm really liking your ideas for future posts. Especially the last one. I could say a few things on that subject but I think you could do better then me. XD

  2. I hope I don't disappoint, my friend. I promise to post soon.

  3. You never disappoint, Bonnie. (: I'll be anxiously awaiting your next installment.

  4. Happy with flaws?! Who has flaws? I am flawless ;) LMAO Good luck with all your blog projects. I am doing fair at keeping up with the one I have and reading everyone else =) Best wishes for your kitchen...

  5. LOL, Wendy! That's a third category I hadn't thought of - Flawless!

    I suppose I should add "Diary of a Kitchen" to the list of future posts... I've got a lot to do ;-)

  6. So, I suppose I can now remind you how much you LOVE a super busy life? No delusions about that right? Just think of all the fun and satisfaction you'll get out of all this =)

  7. YES!!! There it is!!! The reminder I so needed to hear out loud.

    Contractor was at my house while I was at work. How did I know? Well, I thought I pulled into the wrong driveway because all the snow was cleared. He's making room for the dumpster. It's really happening now! OMG!!!