Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Please Follow This Blog

I have been putting off adding this blog to my list of recommendations.

Perhaps it was my way of hoping I wouldn't have to; that by some miracle everything would turn out fine and there would be no news to share. Unfortunately, that's not the case. While everyday, there is positive information, there is still a huge uphill battle facing this boy and his family.

Twenty days ago, my friend's nephew was shot in the head. The details are fuzzy at this point as to the actual incident, but this 16 year old boy was not expected to live through the night. Today, he blew his mother (my friend's sister) a kiss.

She's been blogging everyday, keeping everyone up to date on his amazing, yet still far from over, progress. She hasn't left the hospital in all this time, staying bedside with her "handsome boy". Please take a moment to read her inspirational words:

Thank you.


  1. Omg thats awful....thank you for bringing this to our attention.

  2. Given the same situation, Gavin, I know I could never be as centered as my friend's sister.
    She's given the whole situation over to God and should his time be fleeting, she feels blessed to spend what time she has with him.
    She is a true testament to living in the moment.
    Be safe and well, my friend.

  3. Will certainly be praying for this family!

  4. WOW! How very good to know he's alive =) Here's wishing him continued strength and health to get even better.

  5. He amazes his family (and extended family of friends and onlookers) everyday, Wendy! Religion aside, he has been blessed.