Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Sister's Shrek-Themed Bridal Communion Birthday Opening

I'm currently planning four separate events at once.

No, the kitchen isn't one. I'm hoping to have these put to bed before we even break linoleum on the kitchen.
No, not my exercise/diet routine. But you'll all be happy to know that I continue to eat right, exercise daily (some days harder than others), and have just come off a week long stomach virus that lost me another 3 lbs.
No, my sister's wedding, my HS reunion, and my 15th anniversary cruise are all on the back burner plan wise.

I am working on my sister's art opening, my other sister's bridal shower, my daughter's holy communion, and her birthday party. All at the same time. I'm sure at some point, or maybe it's already happened, I'll mix things up and make Shrek-themed favors for the shower.

With all this going on, plus losing last week to having my head in a bucket, and the previously mentioned job coming down the pike (formal interview Thursday), not to mention that my house is still decorated like Christmas - whew - I regrettably, do not have time to write my weekly blog on the comings and goings, the highs and lows, the Yin and Yang, of this suburban Mommy's life... or maybe I just did.

I'll try to check back in at some point this week, but I make no promises ('cause I always keep my promises and I'm not so sure that's one I can keep). Stay well (being sick sucks), stay positive (it's the really the only thing that will keep you motivated for another day), stay strong (strength of character is all you need to fight what trials life has in store for us).

Until next time, my blogosphere friends =D


  1. I spent the entire day yesterday taking down Christmas. Again it was the Jones's of my neighborhood that propelled me into action. All those dead Christmas trees on the tree lawn made me think, "Yeah, I better not turn the lights on the tree anymore."

    My daughters birthday is on Thursday and I've yet to complete the plans for the celebration. Too many things to accomplish and not enough time to complete them.

    Although you might start a trend with Shrek bridal shower centerpeices...

  2. Thanks Nancy.
    Happy Birthday to your daughter. Is she having a slumber party in her new room?
    Back to party planning and laundry and Christmas pack-up and losing my mind ;-)

  3. Sometimes I'm tempted to just let the Christmas decorations stay up all year. Saves all the setting up and tearing down. XD

  4. Oh, how I have been contemplating that idea all day! ;-)

  5. Good luck with all your craziness. It's hard to be back at it so quickly after the holidays. Hang in there!

  6. Thank you, Banu. Being sick last week really put a wrench in my de-decorating plans, but with a healthy does of "just do it", I am nearly finished. Then I can focus my attentions on all the planning and creating that needs to be done for these upcoming events.