Monday, January 4, 2010

Holding My Breathe Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop

I've mentioned more than once that I live at the center of Yin and Yang. If things are going well, something is about to go very wrong. 99% of the time, it involves money...

>Like in early 2005, when, after months of planning and saving, I had just finished paying off a luxury vacation for my husband's 40th birthday and the transmission on my car died.
>Or when he was downsized out of his job (because he made "too much" money) during a heat wave and the AC went.
>Or, upon returning from a week at the beach, a huge poplar tree had fallen into our neighbor's yard, breaking our fence, and hitting her gazebo. That time, insurance and lawyers were involved.

Now here I am, looking at a year filled with nothing but happy calendar events - my husband turns 45, the kitchen renovations, my daughter's birthday and first holy communion, my sister's bridal shower and wedding, our 15th wedding anniversary - and not only am I wondering how I'm going to pay for it all, but I'm wondering when (dare I say these things out loud or in print) the furnace is going to blow or the plumbing burst.

Today, I received a call from the school secretary calling on behave of the principal. She offered me a job as (hold your laughter) recess monitor. Two hours a day with fairly generous pay for doing little more than standing outside and appearing as if I could crack a few skulls - without actually doing it. At first, I said I'd get back to her tomorrow, because, believe it or not, I was saying to myself: "I'm barely getting through all I have to do now. When am I suppose to workout? And I like having my days relatively free to make my own schedule." Selfish, I know. I mean here is a perfect job with regards to my daughter's schedule (no before or after school care, summers off) and I'm on the fence. And it's only 2 hours a day! Once I got my head screwed on straight, and reminded myself that the extra money would be a big help with all the aforementioned plans, I popped into the school office and accepted the job. Not a bad first Monday of the New Year.

Now, however, I'm waiting for some bad news like, the position has been eliminated or I wasn't approved because, I don't know, I'm too short to be an authority figure for the 5th graders.

I actually have a stomachache thinking I might not secure a job that 7 hours ago I didn't even want.

Well, here's the wait and see part of our show. The part where I walk on eggshells hoping that nothing goes wrong to screw things up. In the meantime, I'm holding my breathe a little and trying to calm my stomach. Hey, maybe I can combine the two and get a little core workout while I wait ;-)


  1. XD How you worded this post made me chuckle. That's why I love reading your blog. You can make the most boring things amusing. Good luck with the job. I hope you get it. (:

  2. 1:30AM Daughter throwing up. May I consider this the other shoe?

    May even in my tirades and rants, in my senseless and inane, may I always find the humor and convey that humor. Laughter is the best medicine for all ailments. Thank you for laughing, Gavin. It means I've done my job ;-)

  3. Thanks, Ginger!
    I'm there all the time anyway... might as well get paid for it, right? ;-)

  4. Your thoughtfullness about taking this job is refreshing! So many people who wouldn't be good at it would jump at the chace because of the schedule. I'm constantly reprimanding kids on the playground (afterschool) who aren't following the rules. I'm the mean mom - but I wouldn't have it any other way.
    BTW, it's Ellen, not Joe!

  5. Thanks, El! Seems that stomachache I had must have been the early stages of my stomach virus - Yuck!
    As for the job, I had to fill out an online application and there is still an interview and them fingerprinting. Is there anything I may have forgotten about our college days that may come up? Haha.
    Back to bed for me. I can barely keep my head up to type.

  6. Hi CliffJiron,
    I translated your post to the following:

    "Hey, your tribal. It is true Jaeh ~~The 只 is to tell you asked sound good! ! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ."

    I'll take this as a compliment :-)
    Thanks for posting.

  7. If you don't want the job and it pays very well, I'll trade in my 8 hour per day 5 days a week job for the 2 hour a day one. I can stand on a playground and pretend to be authoritative. Well...Ok, I'd probably be playing along with the kids. Is that allowed in the job description? LOL. Congrats to you!

  8. [Note: I'm not yelling at you, Wendy. I'm just getting on my soapbox again ;-)]
    OK. I know. I'm a spoiled brat for not wanting to work 2 hours a day. But in my defense, I keep a pretty full schedule. I know it seems to the working mom like yourself, that the stay at home mom does a lot of nothing but I'm not really one of those moms. I don't lunch, I don't watch soaps, I don't go to the gym (though I should), I don't spa, I don't shop (I don't count groceries), I don't do anything that isn't for someone else. So readjusting my thinking to say "yes, I can add more to my plate" was what needed to be done before I said "yes" to the job.
    Let me put this in perspective, Wendy: I'm a type A, OCD-ridden, over-achiever, with an only child, no "job", and I live across the street from the school. Who do you think gets asked to do anything and everything when it comes to neighborhood activities? And who do you think feels she doesn't really have an excuse to say "No" because of the aforementioned list? But I do have the right to say "No" and I should because I've let ME go and I've got to get her back before I'm completely lost.
    Now, 2 hours a days is not going to mess that up, I know, but I thought it might, so I had to step back for a second. More so to say, do I really want to give more to this school and community. The answer is "yes" as long as I'm getting paid for it ;-)
    Sorry about raising my voice. Hope we're still blog buddies? =D

  9. Ha Ha too funny, Bonnie! You really can't raise your voice on here unless you record yourself ;) And you didn't offend me. Takes A LOT more than what you wrote to do that. I used to have a job similar in hours way back when. I worked as a fitness instructor at the YMCA for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening. If I didn't have a class of my own then I would become the child watch provider for the other participants in other classes. In between the Y hours, I also babysat in other peoples homes. Also, on Sunday's ,for awhile, I took care of kids in a local Church's child watch room. They paid me as well. Eventually, I quit the Sunday thing and began working at Ohio Northern University in Ada as a nude model for the art department which led to a job in Bluffton, OH at Bluffton University to model for them. They were only a few hours in the mornings at each college, all the while still working at the Y. Then my husband decided that I didn't get paid enough to help with bill paying at any of those jobs and decided I should get one REAL job. So that led me to various jobs like housekeeping and a warehouse job and then 8 years in Hell at a factory job then right back to the warehouse I worked for all those years ago. At one time I had 3 jobs. The Y in the evening, warehouse during the day, and Sunday church child watch. When I worked 2nd shift at the factory aka HELL, I was modeling during the day. And what am I saying with all my rambling? That I wish I could go back to when I only worked as a fitness instructor just a few hours a day and modeling a few hours in between. I LOVED it! But, now that we have kids and a mortgage and my husband is on worker's comp because of a worked related leg injury...Well you know, insurance is needed and bills have to be paid. So I USED to have a similar life as you. I KNOW stay at home moms aren't lazy. Because I was one at one time, even with the short hours I worked before the REAL job. And my husband's family was a pain in the buttocks about it too. They really tried to make it appear as if were lazy. I really wish I could have my life before back. I mean, I do like my job now. It's pretty easy. But there are days when I wish I didn't have to be up at 4am to go out in the cold and drive in the yuck. One day Bill Gates and Donald Trump will finally accept me as their long lost relative. Then I can quit working forever LOL ;) Wishing you the best of luck for you and your new job.

  10. You, dear Wendy, are officially the hardest working person I know. Undeniably. I am awed by you. My head is spinning.
    I am a spoiled brat. Clearly.
    That you have found the time to read me much less comment, I just don't know how you do it with 12 jobs and a family. You have blown me away. All that and you have, I'm assuming, a killer body that you proudly pose to budding artists. Your husband hit the lottery with you ;-)
    OK. No more complaining from me about money and working. Guess I'm back to railing against the public at large and people in general ;-)
    PS If I knew either Bill or The Donald, I'd certainly call and put in a good word for you.

  11. OMG! You should be a stand up comedian ;) Seriously, why is it that if you find something you love to do and want to do it, everyone tears it to shreds? When I was working ridiculous hours at a factory, everyone was fine. But before that when I loved what I was doing, people would try to make it out as if I sat around eating bon-bons and watching day time TV like Peggy on Married With Children LOL. My husband couldn't handle the fact that a person could be paid for doing something enjoyable. His family, too, for that matter. It seems that misery really does love company, Bonnie. I seriously remember being happy and enjoying my days. These days I am usually bored and uninterested. I don't want to go back to working 3 jobs. EVER! Not unless my very life depended upon it. It was exhausting! I was only in my 20's and wanted to please everyone. What did I know?! Now, it would be great, nice even, to please myself. I have contacted the Ohio Northern Art Department to see if Melissa Eddings needed a model. She said that she would love to have me back. However, the time of her class and my work schedule don't match :( It isn't about what my body looks like. It's really not the work of art you may think it is LOL Remember, I have had two boys squeezed from my body. It's about how free I feel with my body and expressing myself in a different art form besides poetry. Being naked in a room full of strangers isn't easy. I was terrified. At age 30 I decided to do something none of my friends were doing to make the 30 milestone memorable. And getting paid to lay still for 30 minutes 3 times a week so art students could pass their class was a perk I honestly didn't expect. When I look back at all the jobs I have had, I realize that I was working myself to death. Had I not had the stress relief of the YMCA I probably would be blogging from the Great Beyond LOL.
    You aren't a spoiled brat. You don't seem to be anyway. You give a lot of yourself. Brats don't do that. Oh, and I don't think I could babysit for someone else's child(ren) ever again. Some were very well behaved and I miss them and am proud of the adults they have become. But there are the OTHERS...I shudder at the memories LOL
    Honestly, when I get on to blog, my husband calls me selfish. I found writing again and he can't handle it at times. But I'm no quitter!

  12. Wendy, you are inspirational! A hard-working woman who supports her family but still has an artistic soul. I'm glad you write poetry and pose nude and workout your stress at the Y. You clearly give more than their fair share to your family; how else would you recharge?

    No offense to your husband who you said is laid up from an injury, but tell him to back off or get out. After you trudge out in the pre-dawn hours of an Ohio winter to work 8 hours to come home and see him laying on the couch, he can zip it when you're taking the time to express yourself on your blog. And I was being kind saying "zip it" ;-)

    I look forward to your next post. I sense a flood of creativity coming from you very soon.
    All My Best.