Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Check Please!

My family knows it. My friends know it. Even you, my blogosphere family of friends, knows it by now. The only one who doesn't know it... is me.
Well, that is, I didn't know it until today. I'm at my happiest when I'm busiest.

Why today was the day I should receive a wake-up call, I have no idea. But as I sat down to the computer to do my usually morning routine of checking and replying to email, checking, posting, and replying to FB, checking, reading and commenting on blogs I follow, it occurs to me that I was in heaven. All my little ducks in a row. The systems was purring with efficiency. I love it when things are running smoothly. That's when I take more on. And so I did.

Make plans to meet a friend for coffee, check. Volunteer to make dinner for a neighbor who is expecting a new baby, check. Add another 30 minutes to my workout routine, check. Buy a megaphone to yell at the super bad 4th graders on the playground, check (more on my new job in future posts). Set-up an Etsy store as a mother/daughter project, check. Churn-out artwork and handmade creations for said Etsy store, check and working on more. Pray for so many people going through such tragic times (please read my previous post), sadly check. Plan vacations, do laundry, organize school party, finish centerpieces for sister's shower, remind husband of weekly calendar, take the dog to the vet, call dentist to complain about bill, go to DMV to return plates for car sold last week, write my blog, help my daughter with homework, make dinner, eat, sleep, brush teeth, pray some more, check.

My head is spinning and my plate is full and yet, I'm loving every minute of it. So, I stop to ask myself the question "why". And here is where the "Ah-ha" moment comes in. I am hardwired to live a purposefully life. I can't be sedentary, I have to be doing something. I think I may have been Amish in a past life - up at dawn, chores all day, pass out from exhaustion at dark, and start all over again. Have you ever seen a grumpy Amish person? I haven't. They love their lifestyle and so do I.

Wow! Realizing something about myself was the whole point of starting this blog. CHECK!!

The next time I start complaining about being crazy busy, remind me to take a deep breath and enjoy! It means I'm living the life I love. Of course, all bets are off if something goes wrong like the 15 year old furnace finally dying - it's freezing today! ;-)


  1. "The next time I start complaining about being crazy busy, remind me to take a deep breath and enjoy! It means I'm living the life I love."

    That is a very good point, Bonnie. I think people tend to focus on the negative more often then the positive and don't see how great their life truly is.

  2. I think you've hit, Gavin.
    I'm putting a whole new spin on things from now on ;-)

  3. Well done for realising what makes you happy!! :) I'm glad you had a good day! ^^)

  4. Made better by the fact that I overheard a 3rd grader call me "mean". And here I thought the fact that I'm the same height as they are wouldn't make me a threat ;-) More, much more, on the new job later.
    PS Smileyfreak, I still don't know your name.

  5. Hey, whatever makes you happy is what you should be doing to remain that way. Btw, how's your kichen coming along? Would love to see before and after photos =) Seems as though you are enjoying your job if you are thinking of purchasing a megaphone. And if you have any energy left to spare some day, let me know and I will send you directions to my home and put you to work ;)

  6. btw, I really do know there's a t in kitchen LOL didn't know if you did so thought I'd test you with that first one LOL (again)

  7. Wendy, the kitchen work begins mid-February. It will no doubt be all consuming so yes, there will be photos.
    As for my job, there is a blog post to come, but needless to say, I'm in it for the long haul. I've learned a great deal in the last two weeks; my presence there is necessary for my peace of mind, my daughter's personal growth, and the few children that could use my special brand of tough love. More to come...
    And if we lived closer to each other (I'm on the East Coast), I'd be more than happy to lend a hand. I love to iron. There, I said it! ;-)

  8. 來拜訪你囉~期待你的下次文章~加油^^.........................

  9. (Translation) Come to visit you ~ look forward to your next article

    Thank you so much for visiting ;-) - Bonnie