Thursday, December 31, 2009

January 1st Seems An Odd Time For A New Year

I'm not a fan of what is officially dubbed New Year's.

I know that January 1st is the start of a new calendar but it's never felt like the start of anything profound for me.

In my teens and 20s, it was just an excuse to party harder with more fanfare than other nights out. It also usually meant spending more money and ringing in the new year with total strangers. Exactly, what about that says "fresh start", especially when you're waking up the next day around noon with a headache.

During my married life, things have been a bit different. We've rung in the new year with friends, but more times than not, we've spent it at home quietly passing the time until the ball dropped in Time Square on TV. In recent years, we've been asleep well before then.

Do you think me a complete loser? You are of course, entitled to your own opinion but I'd have to say, what about December 31st into January 1st means stay up late to see the clock strike 12m? It's just another day on the calendar. And frankly, if it's new beginnings we're talking about here, shouldn't you be in bed so you can get an early start on all those changes to your life you want to make?

No, January 1st means nothing to me outside of having to change the calendars and the batteries in my smoke detectors. My "new year" has always been, for as far back as I can remember, and will always be, as long as I live, the first day of school, or to be more specific the Tuesday after Labor Day. My daughter goes back to school each year a full week earlier than that but I still think there is something to that Tuesday in September that really means "fresh start". A new school year with new pencils and new notebooks and new shoes (back to the shoes are we?) and new friends and new possibilities to improve and grow. All that and the weather is warm and sunny.

That's when I make my resolutions for change. Who can think about change when all you really want to do is hibernate until the cold and grey January days are gone. I'd venture to guess that most people put exercise and eating right at the top of their lists each year only to be sidetracked by the gloomy weather that makes you want to sit on the couch under a blanket watching TV eating hot cream soups. Not a good start to those resolutions, my friend. Maybe it's spending less that's on your agenda this year? Always a good call after all that holiday shopping. Well, when you're snowed in with nowhere to go and nothing to do, online shopping to the rescue, and look at that, it comes to you. Another broken promise to yourself.

No, January 1st is just a bad time to start a year. Or rather, a bad time to begin New Year's Resolutions. For me, I'll stick with the Tuesday after Labor Day. And when I start to break those resolutions to myself, well then, I always have 1/1 to put me back on track. I guess you could say that Jan. 1 is my 2nd New Year. And with that in mind, I'd better get some sleep so I can start on all those resolutions tomorrow.

My resolutions for 2010:
>Exercise More / Eat Less
>Save More / Spend Less
>Have More Patience / Be Less Reactionary

They're the same resolutions I've had as far back as I can remember. Looks like no matter when I make 'em, I break 'em ;-)

Happy New Year Blogosphere Family!
Here's hoping the year ahead brings us all a little closer to our goals. Or at the very least, gives us the material to keep writing.


  1. Hey you....long time no see. Or rather read I guess. XD I do know what you mean me New Years isn't anything special. It's just a time for me to actually get serious about my life goals. I don't even party as hard as I used to and I'm only 22. I'd much rather just stay home nowadays with my son or just alone and watch movies or something simple.

  2. New Year is just another daate on the calender,your right. And that extra hours sleep sounds brilliant lol :) Happy New Year!!

  3. Happy New Year Blogosphere Friends!
    I trust we all had enjoyable holidays, or at least survived the ones we had ;-)
    News flash to me: Gavin, you have a son?! Then let me add a resolution to my list (and please take this with the loving yet sarcastic tone in which it is meant, from one parent to another and one friend to another) "I'm gonna kick you butt if you don't kick your habit." Got it! Enough said ;-) We'll talk about this more later.
    Enjoy the first day of the new calendar year, my friends! May 2010 be the start of blogging to better us =D

  4. Ditto for me. We go to sleep before the ball drops as well. Once you get married and have kids getting all drunk and weird around friends or strangers no longer holds its appeal. At least not for us. In any case, Happy 2nd New Year to you, Bonnie =)

  5. -salutes- Yes, Ma'am! I'll get right on that. XD

    Oh and btw...Just wanted to let you know that yes, I do still read comments from older posts so I got yours. I have all comments no matter what post their from go straight to my inbox.

  6. Well, Gavin, then I salute you too.
    May 2010 be your rising phoenix from the ashes moment. If there was anyone on the face of the earth that deserves it more than you, I certainly haven't met them. I am resolved to seeing you meet your challenges head on and rising above.
    Are you with me? :-) Whoo-hoo! Let's do this thing!

  7. Ha, of course. (: I want 2010 to be so much different then 2009. So I'm going to actually stick to my goals this time. So if I can do definitely can. (: I think this year is going to be awesome.

  8. Agreed! I'm all charged up now... too bad I'm going to be using this good feeling buzz by going grocery shopping ;-) Such is the life of a suburban housewife.
    Have a great weekend. Speak with you soon.

  9. Oh, Bonnie...I hear you. I was in bed by 11 on new year's, and have only wanted to curl up under covers, eat cookies, and watch TV for the days since. Thanks for a lovely post. And happy half-way to your new year! Banu

  10. Thank you, Banu. And thank you for following me on my journey to seeking a better version of myself.
    I've been enjoying your blog immensely as travel and cooking are two of my favorite, albeit "armchair", interests.
    I'm looking forward to where the new year takes us both!
    Thanks again, Banu. Happy 2010!