Thursday, December 3, 2009

An Award For Me?!

Today I received an early Christmas gift from my blogosphere friend Gavin at This Santa-fied Lemonade Stall Award has been given to me with the task of choosing 5 blogs I enjoy to introduce you all to. I'm not sure what this award means - do I leave a sour taste in my readers' mouths or am I refreshing to read on a Summer's day? But an award given in kindness and mutual respect is a gift I'm more than willing to accept... greedily ;-).

As for my task at hand, I'll have to give it some thought. There are blogs I enjoy that have already received a good number of awards so I'd rather share the wealth. Additionally, there are friends of mine that have blogs I'd like you to read but they're so bad about keeping up with them that there wouldn't be much to read.

I promise to pay my good fortune forward within the week.

Thank you again, Gavin. I'm so honored, dare I say pleased as punch... or rather, lemonade ;-).


  1. Haha...You're very welcome, Bonnie. (: