Sunday, November 15, 2009

I've Made Some Changes

Good Morning All,
The sun is finally shining after a week of clouds and rain and chilly weather that had me pulling out the winter coats and gloves.

Over night, I've had a transformation and I think I may finally have my head on straight. We are the creators of our own destiny and as such, we are the only ones who can truly light a fire under our own asses and DO SOMETHING!

So here it is, I've tweaked my blog. I added things and prettied it up to make it more interesting. Why? Well, because I've decided to only use it once a week and I want to leave you all with something pleasant to look at in between my ranting and complaining ;-).

You see, when I started this blog, I was looking for a creative outlet to express myself, but what I ultimate did (and I'm sure was my subconscious goal all along) was find a way to avoid working out. I really need to work out. The holidays are coming and with it time with my family and lots and lots of photos.

I haven't mentioned my family yet because, well, unlike with friends who don't all know each other, it would be hard to talk about family without making it too easy to determine who each one is. Not very "you know that person who..." - a very grey statement. No, they'd know right away. That is, if they even read me! But I will tell you this, these photo holidays kill me. I'm the oldest of 5 girls, I'm short, I'm fat, and they are not. They're young, and tall, and thin, and beautiful. I look ridiculous in photos next to them. Kinda like - "Who's that old lady in the picture with you guys? Is that your aunt?" It's Humiliating!

So, in an attempt to look less bad by Christmas, I've got to do something about my appearance. I know, I know... little too little, little too late, but I've got to start sometime. And that sometime is now.

Please know that I will be pining for the chance to sit down at my Mac and type away for hours. For now, I'll be replacing that sitting with sit-ups and using my fingers to hold weights instead of hitting keys. But I will be back, once a week, to purge my mind of all it's pent up frustrations and questions for the blogosphere. If only losing fat and calories were so easy ;-).


  1. You will missed loads!! :( I always look forward to your blog :) Now I will just have to learn to be patient lol The best of luck with the working out!

  2. Thank you, Smiley! I will miss all of you too. What do you think of the changes I made to my blog? I welcome your input.
    I'll see you again in a week - or less if I overdo it at the gym ;-).
    My Best, Bonnie

  3. Lovely updates to your blog, Bonnie. (: I will miss having you post as much, but good luck with your workout. I look forward to reading when you do post. (:

  4. Thank you, Gavin... I will miss you too. This temporary parting is bittersweet; I hope I will have lots to discuss after each week of being away ;-).

  5. Hello, first time reading your blog. It is very hard to keep in shape. I used to be an aerobic/weight instructor. Back then it was easy to work out because I had a class that depended on me to instruct them. But after having two boys and several job changes with longer hours or at present, hours that don't really allow much time for a workout-who wants to get up at 3am to work out?!-I have had to finally become a member of the YMCA I once upon a time worked for. I've never been over weight, but at the age of 38 I am realizing that gravity does some pretty awful things to your butt and thighs. Hail damage isn't pretty to look at when it's on anything let alone ones lower body,lol. We all have body issues and I for one wish that I could bitch slap every Sports Illistrated model with gusto.
    Good Luck!

  6. Hi Wendy! Thank you for joining me on my journey to a better me.
    Only that I've read some of your wonderful poetry and can see that you have a beautiful heart and soul (with some wit to boot), am I not lumping you in with the rest of the spandex clad, skinny mommies that I complain about on a daily basis ;-). A former aerobic instructor? You would be SO disappointed to see where I was to where I am.
    I look forward to your input as I struggle to wriggle my bottom half into yoga pants ;-).