Friday, November 13, 2009

Competing Personalities - The Yin & Yang Of Me

In the spirit of the oncoming list season - shopping lists, gift lists, Christmas card lists - I thought I might write my first list post. One that shows the ongoing battle that is my brain...

  • I love to watch Food Network and read recipes, but I don't like to cook.
  • I love clean, modern lines, but my style is comfy, traditional.
  • I'm preppy pink and green to the core, but I wear black 99% of the time.
  • I love fashion, but hate to dress up.
  • I love books, but don't make reading a priority.
  • I love TV, but rarely watch.
  • I imagine myself thin while I eat cheese and cookies.
  • I'm a morning person who needs "5 more minutes".
  • I like to watch tennis, but I don't play.
  • I wish I could do a cartwheel, but I don't want to try.
  • I love the theatre, but I hate drama.
  • I love abstract art, but I rarely "get" it.
  • I love the beach, but I dislike the feeling of sand.
  • I love coastal living, but don't swim, sail, surf, or sunbathe.
  • I love a rainy day as long as I don't have to go outside.
  • I abhor rudeness, but am oft times judgmental - which is rude.
  • I love the idea of traveling, but I'm a homebody.
  • I'm outgoing, but I'm anti-social.
  • I'm short, but I've been told my personality makes me seem taller.
  • I love long hair, but I wear mine short.
  • I come from a big family, but have only one child.
  • I willingly moved out of New Jersey, but wear my Jersey girl status as a badge of honor.
  • I hate dog hair, but have a huge dog that sheds like mad.
  • I haven't had a cigarette in decades, but miss it all the time.
  • I love to learn, but hate to study.
  • I love that NYC is gritty, but hate that it's dirty.
  • I hate politics but I support many causes.
  • I secretly love Hummers, but think people who own them are asses.
  • I love a silent house, but I turn up the radio in the car.
  • I talk to acquaintances daily, but my best friends rarely.
  • I like to keep in touch, but I hate the phone.
  • I love to give surprises, but I hate to get them.
  • I hate dust, but hate to dust.
  • I love places and events that draw crowds, but I hate crowds.
  • I need to do a lot of things I don't want to, and I do a lot of things I don't need to.
Well, that seems like enough for now. I'm sure as the day progresses, I'll discover more.
Please feel free to post some of your own in the comments section. I look forward to learning I'm not the only victim of a dueling match within ;-).


  1. I can relate to some of those myself, especially "I'm a morning person who needs "5 more minutes" and "I love books, but don't make reading a priority." One that you haven't posted would be "I love helping people, but have never volunteered at a shelter or soup kitchen." I feel like a hypocrite.

  2. I've volunteered at a soup kitchen and it's a good feeling, but so is doing almost anything that gives genuine help to someone in need or giving help without the goal of reciprocity.
    Helping people can take many forms... you probably help without even knowing it :-).

  3. Glad to see that more people than me are subject to such contradictions :) lol

  4. I've thought of a few more since then but my head started to hurt so I stopped ;-).
    Congratulations on your awards, both of you! It's nice to be nominated, but much for fun to win! - heehee

  5. "Helping people can take many forms... you probably help without even knowing it :-)."

    Good point. I never thought of it in that way before.

  6. You should. I wouldn't be at all surprised to find that your blog has help more than a few people, Gavin.

  7. Maybe I should put more thought into what I post then just personal ramblings then.

  8. Those are your thoughtless ramblings?! I can't begin to imagine what you'd create if you gave it some thought. I see big things for you Gavin!

  9. Too funny! I also hate dust and hate to dust =D
    I tell people my dust is making cobwebs for Halloween then when that passes it becomes snow for Christmas. And I am also a morning person who would love 20 extra minutes not a mere 5 given the fact I have to wake at 4am to be at work before 6am!

  10. I already have cobwebs so I can't use that one, but I like the snow idea. After the holidays, we're redoing the kitchen - gutting to the studs. Construction dust is my kryptonite! I'm sure I'll be posting about it LOTS! (I already have - "Dust to Dust to OCD-Ridden Meltdown").
    PS You should be sleeping by now; 4am is an unGodly hour. I'll be thinking of around 6am EST.
    Thanks for reading and posting, Wendy!