Monday, October 19, 2009

Shh! It's a secret.

This is what's called "vamping". It's a musical theatre term which means "stalling".

I've got no less than a dozen posts in the works. All started but going nowhere (for more on that read my early work "As So It Begins"). So in order to throw something out into the blogosphere, I'm going to give away, free of charge, my super secret, world famous (well, in my circles at least) Pumpkin Bread recipe.


1)Run to your nearest Trader Joe's and buy the Trader Joe's Pumpkin Bread mix.
[And when I say run, I mean run. It took them 5 weeks to finally get it in stock because the warehouse kept running out. The morning I called and got the news that it had come in the night before, I told them to put a case aside just for me. But it won't last long in the stores. It never does.]

2)Add your favorite extras to doctor the mix - dried cranberries and chocolate chips are a favorite in my house as are diced apples and pecans. Whatever you think will work with pumpkin, give it a try. I have yet to see (or taste) a combination fail.

3)Never reveal that it's a box mix. Believe me, no one would think otherwise. It's that good!

OK. Well that was short and sweet.
Check back in a day or two; hopefully I'll be able to finish something I've started.

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