Monday, October 12, 2009

Post-It Notes

It's been nearly 3 weeks since I took that first great leap into the blogosphere.

That first week I was brimming with ideas and things I wanted to get off my chest; enough to fill 11 posts. Whew! That was quite a week. Last week between home improvements and a sick kid, I only managed to churn out 1.

No matter. I'm back and I'm percolating with new subjects to cover and I'm itching to get started. But I've decided that it would be best to pace myself... no more than 3 posts a week. More than that is just overkill and I risk losing my "followers" - I mean, I have to assume they have other things to do besides read my rantings. Right?

My next topic - Facebook! Yikes! For better or worse, it's become an addiction for me but it's a love/hate relationship... I love the fact that I've reconnected with so many old friends; I hate the fact that it brings out the ego-maniac in the majority of it's users - that is the ones that aren't just lurking.

I'm glad I started blogging. Many (including myself on some days) would say it's a waste of time, taking away precious hours better spent in the gym. But I've always been one to put my emotional, intellectual and psychological improvement (which I believe this is) ahead of the physical - anyone looking at my double chin, muffin top, and cankles could tell you that ;-).

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