Thursday, September 24, 2009

Shh! You're In The Library.

Every year, since my daughter started elementary school, I have been volunteering in the school's library once a week when her class goes to check out books. This year it's Thursday between 1pm and 2pm.

I enjoy the library process: books come back, I check them in, I shelve them according to the numbers and letters on the spine, kids choose new books, I check them out, and the process starts all over again. There is a black and white finality to it. Occasionally a book goes missing, but there's a process for that too. In the course of one hour, I have the satisfaction of having completed a task to near perfection.

There is also the satisfaction that comes from watching my daughter in her school environment. I get to observe her with her friends and with her not-quite-friends. I get to see how she negotiates the world of the classroom and library without my intervention. And I get to do this all while giving her some bragging rights. You see, for the time being, she loves having me at school... "This is my Mom. Have you met my Mom? She helps out at school." It's kinda cool to have your kid be proud of you. Additionally, it's kinda cool to see that the other kids are impressed by that. They're almost as excited to see me as she is... "Miss Bonnie, I lost a tooth! Miss Bonnie, I'm getting a new puppy! Miss Bonnie, I got all my spelling words right!" Yes indeed, it's an hour well spent.

I walk home after that hour with a smile on face. That is until I'm confronted with the fact that I now have little more than a hour of "me time" left before school's out. But that's a topic for another day ;-).

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