Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Diary Unlocked

I spoke (via Facebook) with an old friend from college today. He suffers from insomnia and being up in the middle of the night, night after night, he has often thought about creating a blog of his own. But one question plagued him: "Who gives a crap what I think?" [He was quick to add that he was self-analyzing and fully intended to support my endeavor. In fact, he was my first "follower".]

His question is a valid one; one I pondered myself late into the night, last night. How self involved, how indulgent, how inane. Who would read it and why would they? And what would my husband think when I said I was thinking of starting or had started blogging? Well, I can answer that last question, now that the moment has passed... he said "What!" My husband's feelings aside, I have begun the process and so far, I'm enjoying it. [And he and I did have a follow-up conversation about it and he was encouraging and curious the second time around.]

I'm approaching it from this perspective... I'm journaling online instead of writing in a book and because it's a public blog, it's my diary unlocked. I've always tried to live my life honestly so I have no fear or reservation in this forum about what I post or who might see it. I am an open book. Feel free to read me... just please don't dog-ear the pages; that drives me crazy ;-).

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