Friday, September 25, 2009

It Takes One To Know One

I am acutely aware of the attitude I may convey in print. Many times, I will write down what I'm thinking about and then read it back from the point of view of many different readers. Sometimes my one line Facebook posts take up to 15 minutes to create. It's a daunting task but one I feel must be done. You see, I have been accused of being a snob, an elitist, a braggart, of being judgmental, opinionated, and condemning. And while in certain cases those titles are warranted, they don't accurately describe the core of who I am. It is my goal, through extensive editing, that the real me will come through.

Having said that, I find it all too annoying when someone acts like...... a jackass. I cross people on a daily basis that act, as the British would say, "above their station" and it makes me twitch. Who exactly are you trying to impress? My father, being the consummate snob himself, would say that "people try only to impress those they are impressed by". I'm sorry, that's not good enough for me. Don't impress me by telling me what's impressive about yourself, show me through your impressive actions. And not the ones that knock me over either, the ones that are subtle.

Impress me by having a beautiful vegetable garden that I know you slave over in order to cutdown on your fresh produce bill at the grocery store. Impress me by having well mannered children who look me in the eye when I ask them a question and answer me with more than a one word response. Impress me by having a career that you enjoy and provides for your family, not one that you hate but that makes you lots of money. And impress me, by just being impressive... smile, carry yourself well, be helpful, be compassionate, be NORMAL!

I have a post in the works that talks about fashion. I readily admit that I drop names of obscure designers and my "thing" for dressing my daughter in labels, but I ask you to please read on until the end before you judge. I promise a "normal" light at the end of the snobbery tunnel.

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